The Intention

The Intention

A Chapter by AJV

Wason returns to R.E.M. headquarters after his scenario with the Subeveters. What will he plan next?

   Wason sits in a a huge room. A large screen is turned on. Loud sounds begin to come from the computers and modems turn on as well. Wason slips in the photo to a machine. The screen makes it into a even bigger image with great quality.
   The photo was of a small group of rebellion looking people. They ha guns in their arms trying to look tough. Some had bandages or casting other looked okay.
   Wason searched for Jazex with in each and every photo that was in the folder. He pulled out documents and papers of each and every member of the Agitators. There were no files of Jazex.
   Finally Wason pulled out the last photo. He looked closely thinking he found Jazex. He puts it in the machine. His frown changes into a sinister grin.
   "I have found you," he said. "Identify."
   The computer begins to make so many beeping and odd noises. Wason walks around the room just wasting time. He was patient, but there was nothing else he could do to kill time.
   "1 match found," said the computer. Wason ran to the seat, sat down, and clicked okay. The computer slowly scanned the photo of Jazex only to give his name and what part of town he lives in.
   People those days are to register who they live, where they came from, and other information. Even if you choose not to give your identity away, it would still be sent since you lived from another location.
   "A very dull name. The chap is called Jazex?"
   Mia enters the room and stands behind the seat Wason was in. She looks up at the screen and reads it. Wason gets up from his seat to go to a machine that prints him the copy of Jazex's information.
   "So you found out who he is," said Mia in a surprising tone. She walked to Wason to only see what he was reading. "What do plan to do now?"
   "With the captain's permission, I am going to find Jazex and bring him to R.E.M. I am not going to arrest him. What I intend to do is have him join R.E.M. as an official elite member."
   "Sounds like a good idea," she said. Mia walked away from Wason and exited the room. She knew Wason was going to laugh, but she wanted to see it with him knowing that she was outside the door listening.
   Wason laughed for a bit and said, "Now that I have found every little detail about you, your bounty hunting is over, my good chap." He walks over to the door and exits to the Captain Bosont's office.
   As he stood next to the door, it was pulled up once again like a futuristic door. Wason presented himself as he entered the room. The room was dark once again and Bosont, again, had himself facing the wall. Wason cleared up his throat to let Bosont know that he was in the room.
   "Wason," Bosont said. He turned his chair to looks at Wason for the first time. He turned his lamp on, finally showing himself, smiles, than laughs. "I assume you got what you wanted."
   "Yes, Captain Bosont."
   Bosont was a middle aged man, having little wrinkles on his face, a light brown mullet hair style, and green eyes with a bit of purple surrounding the iris. He wore a gray and red suite, which was the mark of the captain.
    "What are you going to do now, Sergeant," asked Bosont. He reaches his hand out so that Wason could give him the paper.
   "I and three other R.E.M. members are to go search for him and take him back here to headquarters. We will lock him up and, if you may, you will present yourself to the boy."
   Bosont laughed and said, "I am unsure where you are going at. You want me to talk to the boy?"
   "He maybe a very good R.E.M. soldier, Captain. He could even be of the elite rapidly, or better yet, since he was of the Subverters, he could help us aid our conquest in defeating the Suberters."
   "You make very good points Wason," Bosont said. He reads the paper and puts it down on his desk. "I admire how you can come up with so many explanations. For that, I accept your request. Your new mission to find Jazex, a very strange name, and bring him back to headquarters. Don't fail me. By the way, have you taken your vitamin?"
   "Yes I have, Captain Bosont. No side effects what so ever, but it has rid my migraine."
   A knock was at the door. Bosont turns his lamp off and rolls his seat to where he faced the wall.
   "Come in," he says.
   A soldier walks in quickly. He seemed that he had urgent news. He salutes to both Wason and Bosont.
   "Permission to speak," he asked.
   "Granted," said Bosont.
   "Sergeant Wason and Captain Bosont, we have found the remains of an unknown being that is dead. He was found in the city of Noville. The police found his remains and the scientists have taken it to their research lab."
   "And?" asked Bosont.
   "Clearly, this man is not from our world. His blood and DNA are unknown. His bone structure is as normal as a human, though."
   "That does sound interesting," Bosont said. "Go into the satellite room. See where it came from. There should be a video of it's traces."
   The soldier leaves the room. Wason salutes to Bosont and says, "I will leaving now, Captain Bosont. My mission will start early tomorrow morning."
   "I'd go with that soldier just to be sure where Jazex lives," Bosont says.
   Wason leaves the room and the man returns.
   "Wason is on his way to capture Jazex," Bosont said. The lamp turned on by itself. The man takes his seat and plays around with one of Bosont's figurines of a car.
   "He's a strong kid," said the man.
Fast, that is. If he can run from a soldier, joining us can be a benefit."
In a way, yes."
And what is the other way?" asked Bosont as he laughed.
We have little info about him," the man said as he picked up the paper. "This Jazex.Still, I see where you are getting at, and I support the idea."
   The man stands up and walks to the door. The lamp turned off.
   "Wait," said Bosont. "
Before you go, tell me a joke."
   "First soldier: 'Pass me the chocolate pudding, would you?' The second soldier says, 'No way!' The first soldier is confused and asks why not? The second soldier said it was because it's against regulations to help another soldier to dessert."
   Bosont laughs out loud. He hits his desk and says, "
That was a good one! Okay you can go."
   The man opens the door and says, "
Between you and I, I have been through many wars. This never happens. I always fought alone." He then left the room.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 6, 2010
Last Updated on January 7, 2010
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