The Intrution

The Intrution

A Chapter by AJV

Jazex wakes up with the surprise of R.E.M. being at his house. What will he do now that they found him?

   The night turned to day. Jazex slept peacefully after he and Kit talked the night before. 'No more bad dreams' he thought to himself.
   The moment he woke up, Mia was laying next to him on his bed. He thought he saw an illusion of some girl, but as his eyes opened wide so he was to be sure, he freaked.
   "What the hell?!" he yelled. Jazex fell out of his bed covering his bottom half. He grabbed his pants and quickly put them on.
   "I heard you talking about me in your sleep," said Mia. She giggled and got off the bed to go help Jazex up, but he crawled away from her.
   "I don't even know who the hell you are. What are you doing in my room and on my bed?"
   Jazex picked himself up from the wall. He looked at Mia, and then down to her uniform. He realized that she was from R.E.M.
   "Oh snaps, you're from R.E.M."
   "Good guess, but I thought you were looking at something else."
   "Whatever," said Jazex. He grabbed his scythe, knocked into Mia in which she fell on his bed, and rushed out the door to go to Kit's bedroom. She wasn't there. So he then ran to Chuck's room, and he wasn't there either.
   "Hey, that was rude!" yelled Mia. She got up from the bed, pulled out her gun, and ran to go follow Jazex as he ran passed his room.
   "You came into my room and laid in my bed! That's rude," said Jazex.
   "They are out here, Jazex," said Wason on a megaphone.
   Jazex was angry. "Wason you son of a b***h!" He ran out to the front of the cabin. There he saw Wason on top of a R.E.M. transport truck and Kit and Chuck held captive by two other soldiers.
   "You are here-by being drafted to R.E.M. Under no circumstances are you decline my offer."
   Jazex rolls his eyes and says, "Here we go again. Look, buddy. Its too early for me to deal with you. I am half awake, barely dressed. I even have a crazy lady in my room! Get her out of there, please!"
   "Oh, um, Mia
I have him. You can come out here now. Again he is outside with me at this very moment."
   Mia walks outside of the cabin and walks behind Jazex. She cuffs him and harshly grabs his shoulders.
   "You know, you could have done that nicely," said Jazex.
   "You called me crazy."
   Wason coughs to get their attention. "Good," he says. Mia signals Wason that she had cuffed Jazex. "Now then, as you see here I have your... brother and sister?"
   "In a way."
   "Your roomates, then."
   "You had to get them involved? Why?!"
   "It was the only way for you to listen us. If I had to get you, knowing your ways you would scurry off like the rat you are. Now then, you have a decision to make."
   "Let me guess," said Jazex as he interupted Wason. "Either I join you to R.E.M. or I am to be arrested with high charges to the bullshit you're going to make up?"
   Kit looks at Jazex just thinking. 'He wouldn't join them. He can't' she thought to herself. Jazex then looks up at Wason, to Kit, and then to Chuck. He notices that the watch is blinking.
   "No," Jazex says. Kit smiles, but the soldier who is holding her tugs the cuff. Wason became confused and asks, "I beg your pardon?"
   Jazex laughs. "I will not join you, and there is no way in hell you will! You here me?!" He tries to run, but Mia's grip was strong enough to hold him.
   "Explain why?" asks Wason.
   "What?! You want an explanation? What the hell? Can't you see that I am not interested? Working with you soldiers would be the last thing that I would do!"
   "Enough! I have heard enough of your bloody insults. You say there is no way, well I will show you there is."
   Wason jumps off the truck and walks to Jazex. Jazex stands up straight. He laughs and then says, "You're going to fight me?"
   "With pleasure."
   "Bring it on you b*****d." He tries to run but Mia still holds him still. He then tries to reach for his scythe on his back, but that was no good either. Wason was beginning to come close to Jazex. Jazex looks at Chuck's once again and yells, "Security!"
   "Good call," said Chuck. His watch glows red. The soldiers that were holding him and Kit let go and ran to Wason with their guns aiming at Chuck.
   "What are you two doing?" asks Wason. "Stop him, but do not shoot."
   "What's with his watch?" Mia asks Jazex. She and the others felt a small fissure. Turrets and missals of a small quantity appear out of the ground behind the cabin. They all target down at everyone.
   "Well it seems you have a decision to make, Wason: You let me and my friends go, or you keep us hostage and we all die. You have the count to five to say your answer. Go!"
   Wason looks at Jazex and then to the weapons that end it all. Wason backs up with his arms in the air. As he stepped back, looking at Jazex and the weapons, he yells out, "Release them. All of them. Mission failed. We are going to headquarters."
   "That was a great," Jazex said. "Thank you Wason."
   Mia and the other soldiers unlock the handcuffs and then walked to the vehicle. "You are so lucky," said Mia. "No one has ever scared Wason."
   "Jazex," shouted Wason. "The next time we meet, it will be our last."
   "We'll see about that, Wason."
   As the R.E.M. soldiers leave, Jazex, Kit, and Chuck all ran in. Jazex looked out the window to see if they were far. The little cloud of dust that he saw meant they were gone.
   "You okay?" Jazex asked to both Kit and Chuck.
   "I'm fine," Kit said. She was sitting in the dinning chair just happy to be safe with the others.
   "That was weird," Chuck said. "Was that really R.E.M?"
   "Yea. I am very glad you were able to finish building that thing in the backyard. I would have been a R.E.M. soldier if it wasn't your brilliant help."
   "Do you think they'll ever come back?"
   "I shouldn't even be thinking of this but they aren't going to give up on taking me into their little dumb group. For now, I am going to watch my back, but no they will never come back to this place ever again."
   Kit gets up. She walks over to Jazex and hugs him. "You'll be okay. If they or anyone else ever takes you away, I promise to save you. You have done so much for all of us. So much I can never thank you enough."
   Jazex started to feel his heart beat. Kit heard it and held onto him a little bit longer. She finally lets him go after the beat faded.
   "So who hungry?" she asks. She walked to the kitchen. Jazex just stood where he was at, but turned to Kit.
   "If its egg surprise again, I'm not," said Chuck.
   'What was that strange feeling I had,' Jazex asked himself. He then walked to the table and took a seat.
   "Jazex, do you want to eat?" Kit asked.
   "Oh yea, sure," said Jazex. He could not focus clearly since he felt a new feeling, though he did not know what it was. He trembled on the inside, thinking he was sick, but he then forgot about that feeling after thinking if R.E.M. would return any moment.

© 2010 AJV

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