Shame and Pride

Shame and Pride

A Chapter by AJV

Feeling pathetic from the previous mission, Wason returns to R.E.M. to yet begin a new mission and hears about something extraordinary. What will happen to Wason?

   Back at the R.E.M. headquarters, Wason, Mia, and the rest of the soldiers have returned from their failed mission. Wason looks down at the floor, making no eye contact to anyone, going to his cubical. Mia follows him, but doesn't say a word since he upset inside and doesn't want to make a scene.
   Wason sits in his chair and slams his head on the desk. He flips his device, on his arm, open and takes it off. He places his device on the desk and watches the holographic video where he made a mistake to capturing Jazex. He then turns it off and puts the device back on.
   "Wason?" asks Mia. Wason gives her the hand sign to come in. "Are you okay to talk?" Wason turns his head to Mia. He would have neglected her, but he is out of focus at that moment. All he can think of is that he failed, and if he failed, he is out of R.E.M. "When exactly is the mission over?"
   "Till the bloody day has ended," Wason said. His emotion went from gloomy to surprised. "Wait! It is only morning."
   "Well yea," said Mia. She showed him the time, which was 10 AM. "You have a long time from now to get him. The question is how are we going to do it?"
   "I will think of something. He better not be at that bloody house all day, or we are to fail miserably, yet again."
   Wason's arm device beeps. He reads it and puts it back on. The silent gasp he made scared Mia.
   "What does it say?"
   "Your father, Captain Bosont, wishes to see me. I will return. Think of ideas how to get Jazex."
   Wason left his cubicle. Walking down rows and rows of cubicles, he went to the nearest elevator. He was nervous on the inside since he didn't know what to say to Bosont. He had no choice but to lie.
   The elevator opened and Wason walked out. As he got to Bosont's office door, if automatically opened, but Wason didn't say anything this time. His mood had him interrupt his interest of the door. He sat in the seat.
   Bosont turns his chair around and turns on the lamp. "Wason," he said. He was not smiling this time. Wason's heart was beating faster than usual just by looking at Bosont's frown. "Did you get him? Hm, that was quick. Quicker than..."
   "A jackrabbit?"
   Bosont laughs. "Yes! Quicker than a jackrabbit. Very good, my boy."
   "I traced where he goes. Apparently he was not at either where he works nor home. It may sound ridiculous, but, Captain Bosont, I have until the end of the day, so I returned to locate where he was and go after him and have him join us."
   "Is that so?" asks Bosont. "It sounds good. Maybe too good." He laughs and then nods. "Now then, I have some one I have you to introduce." He claps four times and Wason stands from his seat.
   "You had me waiting for a while, Bosont," said the man who had been coming into his office the past couple of days. He was in a suit as if he were an important man. He had long red hair and goatee. Though, his eyes had an auburn ring outside the pupil.
   "Wason," says Bosont. "Allow my introduce you to
   "Vice President
Rabïle to be exact. I have been waiting a very long time to meet you, Sergeant."
   "A real pleasure to meet you," Wason said. "Sergeant Chrisopher Wason, mister vice president." They shake hands and both take a seat. "I have never met any leaders of the Government. This is amazing."
   "I bet your waiting for a photgrapher," said
Rabïle. He lifts his shoulders and says, "Well your out of luck. This is a mandatory and classified topic that we are to discuss. The president has been out sick for the week, so as you all know, I am here to cover of what will go on."
   "Let us start with the project you had Wason here do," Bosont said.
   Wason looks at
Rabïle then to Bosont. He asks, "What project?"
   "You never went for your 'test' did you Wason?" Bosont asks. He laughs and walks to a cabinet.
   "No, I was never registered for it, Captain Bosont."
   "Well then you are one of the lucky chosen to be the first testing out my supplementary vitamins. Before I became a political leader, I was working in the science facility. Biological weapons and research. Put to a team of four. Great times."
   "I see," said Waosn. "Now do you have questions for me?"
Rabïle takes out a notepad from his pants-pocket. Bosont went through Wason's records, but payed no attention to them both.
   "I didn't come prepare for this. How are you feeling today?"
   "Have you notice any changes lately?"
   "That is all I need to ask."
   Bosont laughs. "Sorry. I believe you need to give the boy a few more days for it to activate." He then goes back to looking through Wason's records.
   "A few more days is all I'm giving him. Christopher, just don't die. Whatever mission your on, don't fail. If you live, once you complete or perhaps fail your mission, return here immediately."
   "Yes sir."
   Bosont closes Wason's file and puts it away. He sits back down and looks at them both. "Now onto our real discussion.
Rabïle begin your presentation."
   "Our satellite has found a new world colliding ours," says
Rabïle. He turns on the holographic machine that projects the Great Nation's world with more land. "It is unknown, unexplainable, and mysterious how this came about."
   "My word," said Wason. "Has anyone gone there yet?"
   "No. We restricted anyone to go within bounds, so it is forbidden for everyone, except for R.E.M."
   "Has there been any changes to our world?"
   "Not at all. We can come up with so many reasons, but which of them is correct?"
   "This is very interesting. I have one question, and it is non-related to this topic. Why am I let on this classified information if it should only be discussed between the leader?"
   "Wason," says Bosont. "You were asked because this is a new mission for us all. You are just one promotion away from being captain, and this adventure will cost lives, perhaps mine. So who is to lead when I am gone? That is why I am trusting you. Now then, I have not told everyone else about this, but by the end of the day I will. Tomorrow we set sail to this unknown land and take it over under the Great Nation."
   "Is that really what you two have agreed on?"
   "Yes," said
Rabïle. He then turns off the machine. "I wont be joining you, but I expect a full report on everything you have covered. I am leaving now, and so should you, Christopher."
Rabïle makes his exit out the door.
   "Well, Wason, I will see you as you return here with that boy. I know that you are taking this mission to far, so pass or fail, it will not count against you. Go now."
   "Yes, sir" said Wason. He gets up and exists out. Mia follows him and hands him a paper.
   "I have found out where he is at right now. Leaving now would be a good idea."
   "No, I have a better plan. Have a soldier be watching the security cameras. When they find Jazex in a good area where we can negotiate, with no distractions, have them alert us. I will be needing a few other soldiers, including you this time."
   "So you know of my secret? Don't you just love it?"
   "Its a benefit for this mission."
   "How so?" asks Mia. Wason kept walking on and thus he prepared himself for the mission.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 7, 2010
Last Updated on January 9, 2010
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