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The Party

The Party

A Chapter by AJV

Jazex, Victor, and Kit are invited to Wendy's party. Now that something good happens for once, will Jazex enjoy it?


    Jazex walks into work. Victor turns around from checking out his inventory. He was wondering where Jazex was all this time.

   "Your late."

   "I know. I had a little trouble at home."

   "What do you mean trouble."

   "Well," said Jazex. He walked to Victor so he didn't want anyone from outside to hear. "R.E.M. was at my house. They wanted me in their stupid military. I told them no and they just kept pushing it. Eventually they left."

   "Is everyone alright?"

   "Yes, but not me. I think they are still after me."

   "Then what are you doing here? Leave before I get tangled in your mess as well."

   "Whoa, easy Victor. I'm alright for now. What I meant was that they are going to get me when I least expect it."

   "If they ever come here, you're fired. Got it?"

   Victor walks away and goes to his counter. He pulled out a few letters. He kept one to himself and handed two to Jazex.

   "What are these?"

   "Its an invitation to Wendy's party. The time, date, and where its located is all on there. The second one is for Kit."

   "You don't sound eager about the party."

   "I am, just waiting for closing time. Hey do you remember that guy you fought with yesterday?"

    "Yea," Jazex responded. Victor picks up a remote control and turns on his television. He flipped through the channels till he stopped at the news. He then tuned up the volume.

    "Watch this. At first when I dug up the body I thought no one would care, but someone found the bones and took it into the Research Lab. Man, if I hadn't hide those bones and instead turned it in, I would be famous."

    Jazex didn't pay attention to Victor. He was watching the television as if he were hypnotized by it, listening to everything that people had to say.

   The discovery of Falinine's bones led an amazing discovery. No one knows who he was or where  he came from, except for Jazex and Victor. All that they said about Falinine is that he was aorund age 40, was tall, seemed to be active, and the only human being with a completely different DNA strand and  unknown blood type. Many images were shown of the examples to how different Falinine was to a regular human being.

   The next news report, that just came up immediately after the discovery report, was about the new world. Little information was discussed about it like how it suddenly appeared and who lived on it. A small video clip of how the land of the world came about. The land just suddenly rose from the ocean as the world grew. Then there were images of building, and tiny black dots, which was said to be the natives that live on that land.

   Jazex kept watching television and Victor kept walking around making sure his store was fine. Time went on and Jazex had heard enough. He turned it off and went to Victor.

   "I think I'm going to go now. I've got to go get ready for the party."

   "Alright man, take it easy on your way home. I will see you later tonight."

   Jazex walked back home. All he thought about is how amazing the party was to be. 'Finally something I can enjoy after a harsh week,' he thought to himself. As he got home he called for Kit.

   "Anything new?" she asked. He was handed her the invitation. She opened it and read it. "Oh today? Yea we should go, but who's going to take care of Chuck?"

   "I am ten years old," he yelled. "I can take care of myself."

   "I guess that answers it," said Jazex. "Hey do you think I can borrow some of your dad clothes? I don't think I should look like this, unless its some college or sport party."

    Kit got the idea of what to give him. They both walked upstairs to Kit's bedroom. She opened her closet, which seemed like a warehouse full of clothes. Jazex looked around with astonishment thinking where all his hard work went to.

   "Don't you even say a word," said Kit. She was looking for a small chest where she kept some of her memories. She pulled out a red and black long sleeve shirt with a pair of black slacks. Together, she knew it looked nice on Jazex.

   He put it on and it fit him just right. Night came all of a sudden and they were on their way to Wendy's house. The drive wasn't long. Once they got there it sounded like the party had just began.

   "Do I look alright in this dress?" asked Kit. She wore a dress that was red and went down to her knees. Her black high heels, made her look a bit taller.

   "I think you look beautiful," Jazex said. Kit smiled at him and embraced his arm. They both walked to the door and knocked.

   "Come in, come in," Wendy said. She was somehow in a rush. "I'll be right back, I just need to grab something from the kitchen."

   Jazex and Kit entered the house. A lot of people were there. They were either talking to one another, eating snacks, or dancing. Wendy walked out of her kitchen with a platter full of snacks and she set it on the table. She then walked back to Kit and Jazex.

   "Nice to see you again Wendy," said Kit. She hugged her and  then Wendy hugged Jazex. He was a bit nervous of it because he thought  that if Victor saw them both he would get yelled at.

   "I am so glad you guys came."

   "Thanks for invitng us," Jazex said. "Where's Victor?"

   "Victor? I'm not so sure. You did see him a work today, right?"

   "Yea. He was checking out the same time as I did."

   There was a knock at the door. Wendy walked to it and screamed with gladness. It was Victor. They hugged then kissed. Then they walked back to Kit and Jazex.

   "Is that Victor?" Kit asked. She was standing a bit close to Jazex, but he didn't mind. He knew that she was nervous of seeing her brother in such a long time.

   "Yea, that's him alright. Nice suit."

   "You look good too," Victor said. He wore a black and white suit that made him look goofy although Wendy didn't even notice.

   The party was fantastic. Everyone had fun playing games, dancing, snacking, talking to one another. No one in that house was ever bored.

   Wendy grabbed the mic as the DJ still played his music. She asked, "Is everyone having a good time?" The crowd of people cheered. "Good because a great party isn't great without a slow dance." She changed the music right after after the song was done.

   'Slow dance?' Jazex though to himself. He was too afraid to look at Kit, but she came walking to him. She was smiling at that very moment. Jazex had the courage to finally ask.

  "Would you like to dance with me?"

  "If you don't mind."

  "You know what?" he asked. "Lets go for it." He grabbed her hand and waste and they both began to dance with the music. His heart began to beat beat but this time he was smiling. Kit never felt so comfortable dancing with a man that she loved.

   "Promise me that you will never leave me when I need you," said Kit. She was remembering her promise to even save Jazex as well.

   "I promise."

   The party ended after a while. Everyone had a grand time. Some people even consider Wendy a great party thrower.  Kit and Jazex made their way out of the house.

   "Thanks again for inviting us," Jazex said. "Victor, I'll see you tomorrow."

   "You got it little guy." he said hugging Wendy.

   They both went inside the house as Jazex and Kit went inside the car. They waited for everyone to get out of the way so they could go home after such a great night.

   "I had a lot of fun," Ki said. "Did you?"

   "Of course!"

   "What did you enjoy the most?"

   Jazex thought for moment. He then said, "The music."


  "Nah, I was kidding, I liked the dancing. I guess the music too."

  "That I believe, now which dance?"

   "You know what dance I am talking about."

   "Tell me."

   "You know it."


  "Okay, I admit that I liked the slow dance," said Jazex. He saw a someone just running across the road. "Kit! Watch out!"

   Kit swerved and hit the person. They both ran out of the car to go see if the person was okay.

   "Oh no!" she screamed. Both of them walked far away from the car to find out who it was.

   "I can't find anyone! Hello! Are you okay?"

   Jazex ran off the road. He looked everywhere for the person in the dark, which is why they couldn't find them.


   "Yea," he said. "I think I found him." Jazex ran to the person. "Hey listen are you okay?"

   "Precisely," he said. At that moment both disappeared without a sound.

   Kit ran to where Jazex was but she could not find him. All she found was a trail that led into the woods.

   "Jazex? Oh you have got to be serious!" she followed the trail. She knew what just had happened.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 9, 2010
Last Updated on September 4, 2010
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