Wason's Convertion

Wason's Convertion

A Chapter by AJV

Wason finally gets his chance to fight Jazex. Who will win in this fight?

   Jazex lies on his back being pulled on the ground by some strange force. No one is pulling him, yet he feels as if he was. He tossed and turned to avoid the tree's roots that rose from the ground, the branches, the bushes, and anything else that was in his way.
   He finally stopped in the middle of the forest. The trees surrounded the area making his way back confusing since the trail ended before he arrived there. He wiped the dirt off his clothes and stood up.
Now that we are alone," said Wason, "and that there are no distractions to stop me, I am going to ask you one more time. Will you join R.E.M.? If you say yes, I will leave you no harm.
   "What about no?"
   "I never take no as an answer."
   Wason comes walking out from the shadows. A few other soldiers and even Mia was standing behind him.
Why do you even bother?"
   "Jazex, as Sergeant of R.E.M. I hear by say that you are to be terminated at once under treason and the death penalty."
   "You're going to kill me? Okay, how are we going to do this?"
   "Here," Wason says. He tosses a gun Jazex that lands by his feet. Jazex picks up the gun thinking what a classy collectors item it is. "The way we are playing is an old fashion fist fight and then a roulette. There will be a bullet within one of our guns. If you get lucky to think you can pull the trigger, do it."
   "I'm going to save this for the end. But why are you giving this to me? Shoot me already."
   Wason puts his hand over his face. His smile turns to a frown. A heartbeat is heard quite loudly from Wason.
I want to repay all the... blasted stress I had to deal with from you. Of all the rotten people, you are the far worst of all. My job has been in jeopardy because of you."
   "I am pleased to here. What are your comrades going to do? They better not interfere."
   "No, we are to fight alone. They are here to make sure you don't run again."
   Jazex looks at all the soldiers around the ring and then to Wason. He then says, "Fare enough," and heads straight to Wason and punches him. "You are seriously going to be thinking quick next time. I don't even know if I screwed up your rotten teeth."
   Wason stands up and spits on the ground. He smiles to show all his teeth and then says, "Splendid." He made his move to trip Jazex, but failed as Jazex jumped.
You want more punches to the face?" Jazex asked. He went for a few punches, but Wason dodged them all. Wason puts his fists up to block his face and Jazex does too, but to mock him.
Why don't you use that scythe of yours? I will allow weapons to make this more interesting."
   "Well, captain obvious, I don't have it. I never got to bring it."
   "What a pity."
   "Now when does this end?"
   "Until one of us dies."
   Hearing what Wason said, Jazex opens his eyes wide. He was surprised that Wason is going to kill him this time for sure. They began to fight again, but Jazex only blocked the attacks. Wason was punching real hard to lower the defense, but he was hurting himself more than Jazex. They stopped for a moment and began to circle around in order to come up with a way to beat each other around.
   Jazex  looked deep into the dark forest and saw Kit. He then shouted, "Kit?!" Wason went for the attack and brought Jazex down to the ground. "Boy that really tickled." Jazex then laughed.
   Kit was in awe seeing Jazex fight. She almost cried but she didn't want to get involved. Instead she pulled out the ear piece and turned it on immediately.
   "Hello! Hello! Please, Wendy answer!"
   "Hello?" Wendy asked. "Kit? What's wrong?"
   The device was being pulled by Kits hand. Mia walked up to Kit and showed her the ear device. Without a sound, it was then destroyed.
   "I remember you from this morning," Kit said. She positioned herself as if she were ready to fight Mia.
   "I was just about to say the same thing. Now, you really don't want to fight me. No one has ever beaten me."
   "You better let me through."
   "I don't think so. No one is to either leave or enter. This fight is between your friend and Wason."
   Kit made a big sigh and swung at Mia, yet she suddenly froze.
   "What happened," Kit asked. She tried to struggle, but there was no movement. "What did you do?"
   "I love that question. You see, I was born with a skill that people want. Telekinesis and its my favorite thing in life. That and Wason."
   "Yea? Well good luck, sister. Someone like you, I can tell already, scares him."
   Mia gets upset and throws Kit against the tree. Kit yells as she crashed.
   "Kit!" Jazex yelled. He turns to where she screamed. Wason begins to strike against Jazex. Quickly turning, Jazex saw Wason and dodged his attack and counters it. Wason falls to the ground and crawls to a tree to pick himself up.  He was beginning to get tired. "How can you go on like this?"
   Wason pants and then says, "I am a Sergeant. I have been through many battles, many fights, and the feeling of losing in a fight will have me continue till I am victorious. Now, I will show you when you really make me angry." Wason then grabs Jazex by the neck and then chokes him on the ground. "You poor sap. I will let you go if you swear to join R.E.M."
   Jazex pretends to make a choking sound and pullng Wason's arms off of his neck as he was struggling for his gun to fall out of his pocket. "I... will... never." As the gun dropped, Jazex lets go with one hand and punches Wason off of him. "Now that is called acting."
   "Too bad, Jazex." Wason said. He pulls out his gun and starts to shoot at Jazex.
   Jazex aims his gun up at Wason slowly. He smiles and then says, "F**k you, Wason." By the first shot Wason kneeled to the ground. The second shot was heard and Wason lied on the ground. "You should know that cheating is wrong." Jazex turns and leaves the scene.
   Mia stops and turns after she heard the gun shots as Kit fell from the trees to the ground. "Wason! Did you...?" Mia looks at Jazex walking toward her. All the other soldiers ran to Wason's dead body. She ran to him after Jazex passed by her.
   "Jazex... You're alive... Oh my gosh, that..."
   Kit didn't look too well. Her eye was slightly closed there were branches in her hair, and her dress was torn multiply times. Jazex was angry to what they did to her. He changed his anger to calmness and looks away from Kit.
   "Yea," Jazex said. "Let's get you out of here before more trouble happens" Jazex picks up Kit. He looks behind him and then turns to run to the car.
   Mia knocked the other soldiers away from Wason and cries over him. She looks up and looks into his eye. He was starring where Jazex had just been. Mia  started to see that his lips were moving.
   The stream of blood that flowed on Wason's uniform began to turn white. starting from where his wounds were. Then his uniform began to turn black . Finally the words that he was mouthing were beginning to be clear.
   Mia and the soldiers began to move back away from Wason. They felt heat for some reason, but the temperature began to rise. They got as far as possible from the heat and to see what what was going to happen.
   Wason dug his fingers into the ground and threw himself off the ground. He was in the air and curled into a feeble position.
    "Blast!" he shouted out loud. The roaring fire came up from the ground underneath and covered him. After that, his uniform changed. He was dressed in all black and his eyes were of an orange color.
   "What... was that?" asked Kit. She was slowly being put in the car. Jazex turned around and saw the smoke and a bit of fire. "Jazex... please don't... go."
   "I'm sorry Kit. They will kill us if I don't stop him. Victor and Wendy will come and get you. I will promise that I will be back."
   Jazex then went to the trunk of the car and took out his scythe. He closes it and runs back into the forest. The only thought that crossed his mind is that he wanted revenge for what they did to him and Kit.
   "Wason!" Mia shouted. Wason looked at Mia and then away. Mia happiness then changed to sadness.
   "Where did he go?"
   "That way," said a soldier pointing where Jazex went.
   Wason softly landed on the ground. The grasses beneath him burnt and became ashes. He followed Jazex's trail. They both confronted each other ready to finish the fight.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 14, 2010
Last Updated on September 4, 2010
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