The Flames of Rage

The Flames of Rage

A Chapter by AJV

Wason obtains new powers that he will use in the concluding fight between him and Jazex. Who will win?

   "Wonderful, you have arrived," said Wason. He takes his gloves off and his fists began to burn. "How did you figure out that there were two bullets in my gun and none in yours?"
   "You're so predictable, Wason. Someone like you, well mannered and patient, will do anything to kill a guy like me."
   "I see. You brought your scythe as well. You wish to continue to fight me?"
   Jazex laughs and runs up at Wason. "Yea," he says. "I am going to kick your a*s and show you what happens when you mess with my friends."
   "Touchy," Wason said. Wason throws the first punch, but Jazex dodges it. He then stretched his arms into the wide open field and a ring of fire surrounded them. "Now it is a fight to the death."
   "Like I had no choice."
   "Burn for it!" Wason shouted and threw a fire ball at Jazex as he dodged it. The more Wason became angry, the powerful he became. The heat began to rise. It was so hot, Jazex could barely take the heat. "Aw, tired already?"
   "I'm tired of you, that's for sure," said Jazex.  All Jazex could do was dodge and endurance the heat. He was out of bullets and there was no way he could melee attack Wason.
   The fires slowly spread across the field burning everything. The grass, bushes, and trees caught on flames and burn. Smoke began to cover the forest.
   "Jazex is this it?"
   "I guess it is," Jazex responded. "You got me this time. There is nothing I can do." He lands on his knees, drop the empty gun, and his scythe. He looked up thinking what the hell he is doing. There had to be a way to stop him. Maybe he could be tired out. The fight had only been going on for just five minutes.
    He then saw the tree's branch about fall. He quickly looks down at Wason who stopped the flames. "Hey look up!" he quickly shouted.
   Wason looked up and the tree branch fell on him. "Agh!" he screamed. It hit him on the head and he fell to the ground.
   Jazex got up and picked up his scythe. "You know, the snake that is on my weapon is something I think is pretty cool. Not only does it make my blade look nice, it actually does something. I never knew how to do it until I was in a fight. If I can remember, it bites." He lowers his weapon to Wason's arm.
   "You think you are so..." Wason said. The serpent bit him and Wason was knocked out. He returned to normal after he shut his eyes.
   "Don't say another word," said Jazex. "You better be happy that I didn't kill you." He picks up the branch and tosses it aside.
   The R.E.M. soldiers entered the seen looking at Wason lying on the ground. Mia, again, knocked through the soldiers and checked if Wason was alright. She checked his pulse and he was alive, but just knocked out.
   "Miss Mia," one of the soldiers said. Mia picked Wason up and turned to the soldier. "Its time to go back to R.E.M. Or would you concider us to go after him?"
   Mia tilts her head in the direction where Jazex went. The soldiers ran to track Jazex down. Mia then turned to head back to headquarters.
   Jazex kept walking and saw the car. He was so glad that nothing happened to Kit. He then heard running, turned around immediately, and saw two R.E.M. soldiers having their guns aiming at him. He wasn't sure what to do. If he took them on, he might get killed. But if he ran the, Kit would be at risk being killed.
   "You are to give up and follow us," said the soldier. Suddenly, he was pulled up. The other soldier looked up in the air to see where he went. A sudden snap was echoed in the trees. The soldier than  began to shoot up in the trees. He was then dragged by his feet into the trees and a gun shot was fired.
   "Thank you, who ever you are."
   "You still don't remember me? It's me Cia... never mind." said the voice in the trees.
   Jazex ignored the hint that the voice said. He looked up trying to listen and maybe see if he could see her. It grew quite as he was trying to figure things out.
   "I recognize your voice from my dreams. So you are a real person, huh?"
   "Yes, I am that voice. Now listen, R.E.M. is going to be leaving to some new world. You are to go there."
   "Alright two things: One, I am done dealing with R.E.M., as you just saw. Two why do I have to go."
   "You owe me for saving your life, and if you don't I will kill you and your friend."
   "That is just unfair. Well what do I get in return? Or what am I suppose to do?"
   "You have to stop what ever they want to do and tell me everything of that world. You'll probably be there for a week or less. I know you can handle this job."
   "You are from the Agitators, huh?"
   "So were you. Think of this as your ultimate revenge."
   "I'm not like that."
   "Okay, they raided your house in the morning and they hurt your friend. You're telling me that by winning a fight is enough?"
   "Now that you mentioned it."
   "Have some balls, why don't you? Go tomorrow by the R.E.M's navy port and stop them at any cost. Good luck."

   "Thank you," Jazex said. He turned and got in the car. He thought to himself what more can go wrong. He fought R.E.M's elite soldier, risked his life to save his friends, now he has to stop R.E.M. to whatever they plan to do. It was not like he had a choice knowing what the Subverter told him. He remembered the oath that an Agitator would say. So what the voice said is what she meant.
   Jazex finally decides to go and put an end to R.E.M's shenanigans.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 15, 2010
Last Updated on January 15, 2010
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