The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

A Chapter by AJV

Jazex makes his way to get into R.E.M's navy ship spending how ever long it will take to get to the new world as Wason becomes stingy to his comrades. How will the trip be for Jazex and Wason?

   The navy ship blew its horn alerting the soldiers it was time to get going. The ship itself was very long and was painted in red. The soldiers on it were waving goodbye to the family and friends. News reporters and journalists were there as well.
   Wason sat in his cabin outraged to how he lost the fight. 'Where did I go wrong?' He asked himself. 'I had that boy on his knees surrendering to me.' He got up from his bed and wandered around his quarters. Some time in the future he will take Jazex down.
   There was a knock at the door. "Come in," Wason said. Mia walked in and sat on his bed.
   "What's the matter?"
   "How could I have lost to that boy?"
   "I wasn't there, but don't blame yourself."
   "Then it is your accountability. You should have supported me in the fight. I don't recall telling you to stay."
   There was another knock at the door. Wason walked to the door and slightly opened it. He took a peak and opened it instantly. It was Bosont.
   "Now why is it that you two are always together?" he asked and then laughed. Bosont walked in as Wason saluted to him. He signaled to put his arm down. "Now then, what happened exactly?"
   "Captain, I was unsuccessful."
   "That is not what Mia said."
   "Your power, that's what I want to know about," said Bosont. He laughed again. "You had become something new. What is it exactly?"
   "It was extraordinary. I have the power of fire. How did I obtain this trait?"
   "The supplement you took, well its a very long conversation. I rather explain it another time."
   "Yes Captain Bosont"
   "You are a true elite soldier, my boy. Now the reason I came here is to warn all the soldiers to scout and patrol everywhere on the ship. We will be having guests, such as the Subvereters, to be on this ship."
   "Blasted heathens."
   "Be on alert and do feel free to punish them."
   "Yes Daddy," said Mia. She got up and both her and Wason saluted to Bosont.
   "You know Daddy loves you," Bosont said. He laughed, left the room, and turns around. "Remember, this is not a cruise." He laughs again. "Show your pride as an example of a R.E.M. soldier when we meet the natives of the new world."
   "Sir," they both said. Bosont closed the door without touching it, but Wason looked at Mia if he thought she did that on purpose to shut him up. Mia frowned and said, "I didn't do that." Wason finally knew that Mia wasn't the only person with telekinesis.
   The boat began to set sail. Soldiers shouted and cheered and as they waved farewell. Wason looked out from his window. "Its time."
   From Jazex was standing, it was a long way down to the ocean. "Either its now or never," he said out loud. He looked out for the ship. He checked that the rope that was around his arm was completely tied and sturdy on his scythe.
   Suddenly a soldiers caught him. "Hey, what are you doing here?" she asked. Grabbing Jazex's arm, she pulled him away from the edge. Jazex then drew his arm back, waved goodbye, turned, and jumped off the cliff. The soldier shouted, "Your crazy!" and ran to see if he was still alive. She saw nothing and left to go get him before someone found his body.
   Jazex was deep in the water. So deep he couldn't see the surface, which is why the soldier couldn't find him. He swam deep within the water. A moment later he swam to gasp for air. He was still pretty far from the ship, so he kept going.
   When he got to the ship, he grabbed his scythe and began etching it in. The hole was a big enough to put his feet in so he could start climbing up. As he got to the center of it, he looked into an empty cabin. Jazex broke the glass window and fit his way in.
   Wason walked around through the halls and stairs. Some of the soldiers were greeting and talking to him, but he ignored them. He looked through every room, vent, and small location he came across.
   Jazex checked the room to see if there was anywhere he could hide for the trip. He looked for vents but they weren't big enough for him. He knew the closet wasn't the best place to hide for sure. The only thing he can do is blend in. So he went through the dressers and found a R.E.M. uniform that could fit. 
   "Wow, Wason got his wish after all. Well not really since I am just wearing the uniform for now."
   He puts his uniform and his scythe in the vent he couldn't fit in. Knowing that someone could recognize him, he took the sunglasses from the dresser and walked out of the room.
   Wason walked everywhere, making sure that no one but R.E.M. was on board. Some of the soldiers saluted and greeted him, but he kept on going. This was something he was most serious about.
   Bosont opened his cabin door and waved to Wason. They both entered and sat inside. Bosont's cabin was large having his desk and other belongings on one side, and his wardrobe, bed, and other furniture on the other side.
   As he sat behind his desk, he began to fiddle with his pen and said, "I called you in to explain what your conversion became. The supplement you took was an extracted and compressed DNA of natives we're about to see. Before you ask, yes this world has been discovered before, but it was a long time ago. The native that they found has been studied for over many years, but was never shared to the public for many reasons, which I will not explain. We are not sure if the world we are going to will be the same, but you do know our goal, correct? Good. Now then, explain what you can do so far with fire."
   "Everything that I touch burns and becomes of ash. I can send fire at a distance, like a ball. I felt like I was levitating, although I was not sure if Mia was using her technique. That is all for now."
   Bosont laughed and said, "You better find out more soon. You may never know what these natives can do."
   Wason laughed a little. "Sir, if I may, I must go back to paroling the entire ship. I have this irritating vibe."
   "Relax, take this as a moment to relax. We'll be at our destination tomorrow morning at o' six."
    Jazex walked around ship looking for something to do. He had no clue when they will get to where they are going, but at least he could see what the R.E.M. soldiers do in their free time. He checked every room and all they did were just talking. He didn't feel comfortable to socialize with anyone of them in case if he got caught. 'I should have just stayed in the vent with my stuff instead,' he thought to himself. He then took a seat in the cafeteria where they offered horrible looking food, but it smelt good.
   "Soldier, can I sit here?" asked a soldier. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He seemed young like around Jazex's age, sixteen, but sounded more mature like a young adult.
   "Go ahead."
   The soldier waved at two other soldiers to join Jazex's table. Jazex got up and said, "Well I better get going. I finished eating and just came to sit to think of something, but I'm going to my cabin instead."
   "Oh, um, sorry. Why don't you join us?"
   Jazex faked a smile. He thought if he left he would be caught, so he sat back down as the other soldiers came to the table. Jazex wiped his suit thinking that is how they saluted, but no one saw.
   "So what is your name, comrade?" asked the soldier.
   Jazex looked around trying to come up with a name. He mumbled, "J... John."
   "What no last name?"
   "It's not important."
   "If you say. I am Fredrick and these here are Amy and Paul. We have been in R.E.M. for a while, but this is our first mission. How about you?"
   "Nope, I've been out fighting the Agitators."
   "The who?" Paul asked. He had dark skin, had black hair, brown eyes, and a short beard. An old man with muscles that made him look strong, but attitude sure didn't.
   "The Subverters."
   "I heard they were on the ship," said Amy. She was light skinned, had red hair and green eyes. She had to be an adult since she didn't sound young.
   "That was why I was going to leave. Sergeant Christopher Wason gave me orders."
   "No way," said Fredrick.
   "Trust me, with something like this, I don't joke around," said Jazex. he got up and left. As he left the cafeteria, he made a big sigh. 'I've got to go somewhere that no will be at.' Jazex kept going from door to door. 'This is one big ship. I can't be anywhere safe.'
   He finally found an empty room. It looked as if it was a place for the night that people would spend their time at. 'I could just stay here for now, and as people would come, leave then,' he thought to himself. It was an idea he was willing to take. For Jazex, this is going to be a long trip.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 16, 2010
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