The Knights of Kequa

The Knights of Kequa

A Chapter by AJV

Jazex enters Onurak's village, Kequa, and tells him and the other knights about R.E.M. Can Jazex really help the natives before R.E.M. arrives?

   Both Jazex and Onurak arrived to the fort of the village. A large stone wall with two towers is what Jazex saw. He thought he was dreaming because he read this kind of stuff back in school. Something like this is what he calls fantasy. Now he is in a fantasy world.
   "Ko che oj, Onurak!" he shouted. The doors, that were shut in the wall, opened. Jazex and Onurak continued to walk. A lot of the people began to cheer that Onurak had returned. Once they saw Jazex, the cheering became silent.
   "What happened?" asked Jazex. They both finally entered in the village. He looked at every one of the citizens. Some were confused to who he was and others feared him.
   "Ve uit dersa. Opo che io rioza. Opo falz ewtom mo ageo."
The crowd began to cheer. Jazex smiled, behind the bandanna, and continued to walk with Onurak. "What did you tell them?"
   "That you have come to help and save us."
   They arrived to a private location that is fenced. Onurak whispered to his stead, and it took off." Jazex was going to stop it, but Onurak put his arm in the way. He then turned to the gate and unlocked it.
   "Is that your castle?" Jazex asked. He put his hands over his head. He could not believe that he was looking at a real castle building. 'I am in a fantasy world!' he thought. 'No kidding.' They both enter inside.
   "One of my knights will not join in our meeting. We will be waiting till he comes. You are welcome to wander the building. We will call you when you are to begin the presentation."
   "Actually its best if we went to the room where I'll be talking. A place like this I could get lost in."
   "Of course," said Onurak. He walked up the stairs that led to a long hallway with so many doors. From the outside, the castle seemed small, but on the inside it was huge.
   Onurak opened a large door. Inside there was thick wooden table and stone chairs. The room had a lot of space and it was very decorative. The view outside from the room was very nice. Jazex looked out and saw the town and the sky.
   "Since your a knight, does that make you a leader or what?"
   "No. Our leader is the king who rules all the lands. I and the other knights are to protect and supervise our people."
   "You have a king?" Jazex asked. Onurak turned to him. "Sorry, I just think it's pretty cool. My leader is just one person. Maybe a few others, but we call him the president."
   "A president. Intriguing."
   Jazex turned away from Onurak. He looked at a statue of a women who's beauty stood out than the stone she was made out of. "This is very nice. Who is it of?"
   "My Mother. She is the entity of life and water."
   "As in your actual mother or someone you worship?"
   Onurak laughed. He walked over to the statue, knelt and spoke to it. "Mother is always someone who watches over and protects us. To answer your question, think about it."
   Suddenly two people began to open the door and walk in. One was a male who wore the same cape and armor as Onurak, but he had blond hair and light skin. The other knight was a female with a angry look on her face. She had blond hair as well, but her outfit was very different than the others. They both walked in and stopped once they saw Jazex.
   "Hi, I'm Jazex."
   One of the knights pointed at Jazex. "Onurak, vint che desh?" she asked. Onurak shook his head and she then lowered her hand. "Nwa."
"Hey, uh, I don't want to sound mean, but could you speak my language?"
   "He speaks of the new language," said the other knight. "Voqua is my name. You are not from here, am I right?"
   "Amazing. Onurak, we have more visitors coming."
   "What?!" Jazex asked. "How far are they?" Jazex looked out to see if any of the R.E.M. soldiers were coming. He didn't see anything, but they could be close.
   "It'll be a while till they get here," the other knight said. "I am Shinla. Sorry for pointing at you. I do not trust anyone that I have never met."
   "Don't worry about it," Jzexx said. He turns to Onurak and then asks, "Where is your other knight? I hate to rush this presentation, but if these soldiers get here before I tell you anything, things will get out of hand."
   Onurak closes his eyes. Finally Knox walks into the room. "There he is," said Onurak. "Now begin to speak."
   "Your enemy will be R.E.M. They are the military from my world coming here to attack you."
   "Onurak, the Oracle was right," said Knox. "You, young man. What do your people fight with?"
   Jazex pulls out the gun he had since he fought with Wason. "This is known as a gun. There are many varieties like your swords. You will feel a lot of pain if the bullet, which I don't have, is shot into you."
   "Its like an advance crossbow," said Shinla.
   "So these soldiers use long distance tactics. Thank you Jazex. Knights, I shall order the troops to be called to the south gate immediately."
   "What shall I do?" asked Jazex.
   "You have a weapon. Will you join my battle?"
   "What if I were look out? I'll be your eyes. I know I sound like a coward, but I am only willing to help. Besides it is you that they are after, not me."
   "Very well," Onurak said. He stuck out his hand. A cold chill passed through Jazex as he watched ice particles forming an orb in Onurak's hand.
   "Holy crap! That is amazing. What else can you do?"
   "You shall see on the battle field" Onurak said. He handed the orb to Jazex and walked with the other knights.
   Jazex sat in the stone seat and set the orb on the table. He started to hear bells being rung. The orb began to glow. Jazex looked at it and saw over Onurak and the knights. "Can you hear me?" he then asked.
   "Yes. If you turn the orb around, you can see what is around me. Do your best to help."
   "You bet," said Jazex.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 20, 2010
Last Updated on January 21, 2010
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