The R.E.M. Soldier

The R.E.M. Soldier

A Chapter by AJV

Wason escapes the dungeon to return with his soldiers. Will he make it out?

   Far east from the castle is the dungeon. It contains all the criminals of Onurak's land. They stay in their imprisonment until the day of their execution. The security within the imprisonment is very high, so not many of them are to escape.
   Wason was chained against the wall. He tried struggling to be free, but he wasn't strong enough. He looked around to see if he could pick-lock the chain, but there was nothing. "Blasted savage!" Wason yelled. "When I come out from this cell, you better face me."
   It finally came clear to Wason that he could melt the chains off. Wason transformed and began to burn off the chains. 'Yes, it's working!' he thought in his mind. Wason was finally free once he broke the chains off the wall.
   Wason burst the door open and walked out. A few of the guards that were near his cell spotted him. "Where is the one named Knox?" he asked. The guards ignored and and charged right at him. "So be it." Wason threw fire at them and they dropped from the impact. He then made his escape.
   The moment he arrived to an upper floor, Wason looked further above him. The way the dungeon was structured made it seem it was impossible to make an escape. There were many guards above each floor and there was only one way up, the stairs.
   "I do not have patients for this," Wason said. He had the idea of levitating off the ground and possibly flying up. He tried, but he was only able to levitate a few inches off the ground. "Blast it!" He decided to run and take his chances.
   The guards drew their weapons at him, but were blasted away from Wason's fire power. "Da kalyma falz consh!" shouted the guards repeatedly. Many were running to stop Wason, but they failed.
   Traps were activated as Wason dodged them. He finally made it to his exit, but the gate was locked. Some of the guards that were still alive came rushing up the stairs to challenge Wason once more. "Enough of this!" Wason yelled as he created a large mass of fire and threw it against a wall. He ran past through the hole he created into the forest he saw. Wason kept on running till he knew that no one would chase him.
   At last he made it back with the other R.E.M. soldiers. Everyone was surprised that they would see Wason back. "Sergeant Christopher Wason, reporting for duty, sir!"
   "Wason! You're alive," said Mia. She hugged him real tight. Wason struggled to get her off of him, but she wouldn't budge.
   "Where have you been, sergeant?" asked Bosont. "We were following these tracks and all of a sudden you show up. Explain yourself and I do apolligize for our incident on our boat." He looked at Mia with a sad look.
   "By all means, Captain Bosont," said Wason. "Where do I begin, let me think:
After you forced me off the boat, I woke up in a field of grass. All of a sudden a savage, by the name of Knox, knocked me out. He took me to a dungeon where I had just escaped and now I am here."
   "Well then," said Bosont. "We must go talk to this Knox fellow. Where do we go?"
   "The dungeon is that way," said Wason. We need to go west instead, I assume." A soldier then hands his belongings.
   "West it is then."
   The soldiers took a path that will lead them to the walls of the village. As they arrived in front of it, the guards up above began to shout. Some of the soldiers began to aim their guns to where the shouting was coming from. Others were confused to what they were saying or doing.
   "Wason and Mia, cover me," said Bosont. He knocked on the large gate. "My fellow new neighbors,," he said and laughed. "I bring a good welcoming from the world of the Great Nation."
   "So you are R.E.M." said Onurak. He was above the gate looking down at the soldiers. "What ever is it that you need?"
   "Will you not welcome us to your kingdom?"
   "Such arrogance, this is not a kingdom. It is a village where my people live happily. We do not need you."
   "I am Captain Dwayne Bosont of R.E.M."
   "I am Onurak of Kequa. Now begone before I call a battle upon you."
   Wason was irritated that Onurak wouldn't let them in. "Captain Bosont, what are we to do? He wont allow us to help him nor importantly invite us."
   "Quite Wason, I have this under control. Onurak of Kequa, do you not trust us?"
   "Not at all. Go back to your land and never come back."
   "Are you aware that perhaps we could be allies?"
   "Of an army? That is ridiculous."
   "So you would like a war instead?"
   "If you will not leave, then yes."
   Bosont turned around. "Men, we have no further business with this world anymore." They all began to walk away. Suddenly Bosont turned and shouted, "Force seventy-eight point ten percent!" The walls and gate came down from the force. "R.E.M. soldiers move on out."
   The soldiers pulled out there guns and began to walk into the cloud of dust, from the rubble that had fallen. "All clear, sir. Wait, what?!"
   A cloud a frost and a cold chill passes through all of the soldiers. The dust and frost fade and Onurak with his knights and warriors stand ready to fight the soldiers.
   "Yis Uma sanpu lamz kuvin," Onurak said.
   "Soldiers! Attack! Show no mercy!" yelled Bosont.
    Everyone collided and attacked. Soldiers were shooting and the knights and warriors fought with their swords and defended with their shields. The battle quickly became a bloody massacre. 

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 21, 2010
Last Updated on August 15, 2010
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