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As the battle continues it seems that R.E.M. is failing. What will happen in the end and who will win this battle?

   Bosont stands with Mia and Wason as he watches the fight. He saw the native warriors dying and he laughed. 'Do you think this would end quick, Wason," he asked. He took off his arm device and walked before the fight. "I am going to have some fun of my own." He started to laugh insanely as he started to walked to Onurak. "Watch over Mia and don't you ever think of getting involved with this fight." At that moment he whistled to catch Onurak's attention. Onurak turns, slashes a soldier and quickly walks to Bosont accepting his challenge.
    Back at the castle Jazex was watching the fight. He tilted and turned he orb to see how things were going. 'This is just like a movie!' he said to himself. He saw that Onurak was walking towards Bosont. "Careful with that guy! He's the one who 'forced' me off the boat!" "Understood," Onurak said. "I have one request to ask of you: Continue to watch over my knights. It is best if I have no distraction of this fight." "Fine by me," Jazex said.
   "What the hell are you still doing here?" a voiced asked.
   "Hello?" asked Jazex. He looked up and left his seat. The orb's glow vanished as Jazex walked away from it. "Are you asking me that question?"
    "You are the only one in this room, right? So obviously I am."
    "Eh, who are you?" he asked. Jazex wanders around the castle listening to where voice was coming from.
    "Look outside," it said. Jazex looked and a shadow was falling from the clouds. It seemed distant, but it was close to him. "I thought you would be out there fighting."
    "What the heck are you?” Jazex asked. “How are you talking to me?”
    “Take it this way: I'm a figurative of your imagination. Call me AJ.”
    “Uh, okay? Well to answer your question, this isn't the kind of fight for me. I don't want to get shot. "
   "I see," said AJ. "Well why would you hang here then? Wouldn't you rather go home or do something other than sit there and watch a glass ball?"
    "I have no way of getting home," said Jazex. “For now I have to wait until my week is up. Hah, who knows how long its been since I've been here.” He went to go back and sit to watch the fight. "What are you anyway since I 'created you from my imagination'?"
    "Something out of the ordinary. Maybe you have gone mad and started imagining things. Let's not forget that you're talking to yourself at this point. Hah, you're insane!"
    "Oh shut up, I'm not insane."
    AJ laughs. Its figure wanders around the castle, but Jazex ignores it. He was more focused on the fight than anything else.
Bosont and Onurak meet face-to-face on the battlefield. Looking at each others appearance, Bosont began laughing.
    "You don't seem to be aware of what a mistake you have made," said Bosont as he grinned. "I am but no man to bring peace and aid to a fellow being like you."
    "Peace?" asked Onurak, "I am no fool, and I was told you and your army would arrive to my homeland. You may want peace, but I know there is more to what you want."
    "May the best man win," Bosont said as he laughed.
Onurak swung his large blade to draw Bosont back, but it only gave the opertunity of an open spot. Bosont threw a powerful force at Onurak, which threw him off the ground and leaving him to fall on his back. He got up and figured how painful the attack was and what not to do. Bosont pulled out his gun and pointed at Onurak and fired, but it missed since Onurak quickly evaded the bullets.
    "Your quick, I'll give you that," said Bosont. He tried to follow Onurak's moves with his eyes as Onurak ran quicker by the second. 'He's definitely fast especially to carry that sword and armor of his.' Bosont started to throw forces wherever Onurak would be next, but he never got him.
Onurak suddenly appeared from Bosont's back and slashed him. "I noticed you never watch your back," he said.
Bosont fell on his face, rolled over and got up. He threw his captain's jacket off onto the ground. His back began to heal, leaving nothing but a scar.
"Are you surprised?" Bosont asked. "This is what we call nanotechnology. We come from a world where everything is advance, even our own species. To me, I have the upper-hand of this fight, and battle."
Onurak frowned and closed his eyes.
    "What's wrong with you?" asked Bosont. He drew his arm back ready to throw a force at him. 'Force: One hundred percent. I had enough fun with this one.' His eyes went black and Onurak opened his eyes immediately, only to swiftly disappear. "What?!" Bosont yelled as he threw his force obliterating the majority of his own army, trees, and a mountain. He then saw his own life flash in front of him.
As a child, Bosont always wanted to sail the seas. By his early teen years, he was drafted into the military to fight in the war. He then became an adult he was married and had Mia. His memories skipped to the day he became captain of R.E.M, the death of his wife, and it was all over. He saw the beautiful sea as Onurak pierced his weapon through his entire chest.
    "It's so cold, Amelia." Bosont fell to his knees as Onurak pulled out his weapon and ice shards crystallized out from his wounds

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Added on January 21, 2010
Last Updated on September 4, 2010
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