The Forrest of Muskiom

The Forrest of Muskiom

A Chapter by AJV

Onurak meets his two new rookies and an old friend in a dangerous forest. Will Onurak and his team find the the traitors and make it out of the forest alive?

   The forests across the world of Yaddo were considered dangerous. No one would ever go alone because there were so many types of vicious beasts. Travelers would avoid the area for their sake of their own lives. Campers and rouges who had the guts to stay in the forest would barely make it out alive.
   Deep in the Forest of Muskiom waited three of Onurak knights wearing their armor except for their helmets. They sat on logs that were cut from whoever was camping on those grounds. They believe it would have been the enemy, but no one had said anything yet.
   One of the knights got up from his seat and struck hi sword into the ground. The young knight impatiently said, "How much long do we have to wait?" as he walked around camp trying to find something or at least do something than having to sit and wait.
   "It has only been a while since we have left the castle," remarked the other knight. She was also getting impatient too. If it wasn't for the other knight to speak, she would have been just fine.
   "I'm sorry," he said. "I am just ready for this quest. I mean, this is my first day being a knight." His eagerness displeased and annoyed the female knight as she looked in a different direction.
   "Voqua," said the third knight. "Shinla is right. You need to be patient and calm down." He had dark skin, the color of his eye is orange, wore an eyepatch, and had dark hair which had some gray in it because of his age. He  kept his mouth covered with his hands while his elbows were on his legs. This knight was also impatient too. 'Onurak, we are ready when you are,' he said in his mind.
   "Why are we waiting for Onurak anyways?" asked Voqua. He had light blond hair and green eyes that young women loved. "We know where our target is. We can take them on, right Knox?"
   Knox sighed. He stands up and walks to Voqua.
   "Boy, you are not making it easy on us."
   Voqua walks backwards fearing Knoz as he trips and sits on the log.
   "Thank Mother!" said Knox. "Now for her sake, sit there and shut up!" Knox goes back to his seat and continues to wait for Onurak. With his remaining eye, since the other has an eye patch, he looks up at Shinla. "You two know each other from the academy, is that right?"
   "I never seen her," said Voqua. He looks at Shinla who was still upset and quite. "I'm sorry that I was annoying."
    Shinla didn't respond. She had blond hair as well, but it was darker compared to Voqua's, and her eyes were blue. Her mean attitude threw people off and at times they would avoid her.
   "Well since it might take a bit longer for us to wait for Onurak," said Knox as he got up from seat again, "how about we get to know each other. I'll start: My name is Knox Budanzi. I've been a knight since the last war, if you can remember that back in school." Voqua did not answer. "It was forty-eight years ago."
   "And how old are you?" asked Voqua.
   "Wow, and I'm only nineteen."
   "That was because you were never the son of the Royal Guardian."
   "Royal Guardian? You have the Royal's blood then! Can you cast magic?"
   "I love that question: Yes I can. However, it's not pure blood, so I will end up risking my life."
   "Amazing," Voqua said. "So when did you lose your eye?"
   "I lost it during the war. An arrow struck it. I believe I spoke too much, how about you?" he asked Voqua.
   "My name is Voqua Nirimasn. I am nineteen years old and was promoted to knight many days ago. This is my first task to go out in battle, if we ever do."
   "I see," said Knox. "Now how about you Shinla?"
   "My name is Shinla Revtru. I'm twenty-four."
   "That's it?" asked Voqua.
   "Nice to have you on the squad," Knox. "I am aware this is also your first day on the job. You both know what we are to do, correct?"
   Silence was among the rookies. Shinla changed her attitude and payed close attention to what Knox was about to say.
   "We are to find and terminate those who had betrayed our land," Onurak said.
   "Onurak," said Knox. "It has been a while. I haven't even noticed your presence. You have mastered your stealth skills very highly."
   "Much aprieciated, Sir Knox. I love to continue to chat getting to know you all, but we do want our targets to leave or notice we are near by."
   "Onurak," said Knox,"we don't even know where to begin."
   Onurak pulls out a map. It was of Kequa and it depicted all the towns, forests, rivers, and wharfs in the land. Onurak pointed to where they were at.
   "If they are to leave, then they would wait till nightfall. Staying here in the forest is too dangerous so my assumption would be right here in this cave."
   "So to the cave we shall go," said Voqua.
   "If we don't find them there, we will find whatever evidence they left behind. Grab your gear . We are now setting off."
    All of a sudden a large kyzuka tackled Onurak to the ground. Its reptilian-like mouth opened as it was ready for the first bite, but its head was then shot by an arrow. The beast fell off of Onurak and bled on the ground. Shinla puts her bow back over her shoulders as Onurak got up from the floor.
   "Thank you, Shinla. I owe you one. Now, it's best if we head on out before any more creatures attack us."
   Onurak and his team set on out for their destination: The traitor's hideaway.

© 2010 AJV

Author's Note

kyzuka (keys-oo-ka): a four legged reptile covered in feathers that camouflages in any terrain. It mainly hides in the trees attacking its prey from above in the trees.

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Added on July 9, 2010
Last Updated on July 23, 2010
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