A Poem by Elise

To the soldiers who were lost in war.

You shake - terror makes your body tremble,
There is noise all around,
Screaming, shouting, crashes, and gunshots.

The sound of death.

Your heart lurches, you cannot leave.
Death surrounds you - it's closing in.
The power is in your hands, you pull a trigger and take a life,
An enemy's blood seeps into the ground.

Look around.

More blood,
More bodies,
Friends and enemies - now all entertwined as they mix together when entering the earth,
You shake with fear and shock and disgust,
You lose yourself in anguish.

Then you are gone.

So fast, you almost didn't feel it,
Now you are everywhere:

In the earth,
On your fellow soldiers' skin,
Pieces of you float up, carried by wind and smoke.

You spread everywhere,
Smeared over the planet.

Trees take you in by their roots,
People taste your existence in it's fruit.

You fall in the rain,
You drench your own family as they travel home.

You feel nothing,
Not anymore,
But you are everywhere.

We remember you,

© 2009 Elise

Author's Note

I wrote this on Remembrance Day, it's not really right for the Christmas season, but it reminded me of these people who didn't make it to Christmas.

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This is so heartbreaking, but it is still amazing work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

ohh war what a disturbing thing to talk about..
you are so close to death,its like you become friends with it,its always there
how strange ,death that fearful subject ,we just hate to talk war its our friend
we are its tool and its many loved ones around you now ,and just then they are gone..all is left is a cold body
and blood spilling all over,and there goes a whole life,dreams..long thought of projects
you have planned for years to straighten up your life..your family you worked so hard
to provide them with the best you can..but in a second all is gone,the minute that breath cease
and those beautiful eyes get frozen in bewilderment..i wonder what was the last thought
was it of of a wife that those eyes will never see..or children to be left orphans more daddy
all goes down the drain..all that beautiful creature just ceased to one penetrating bullet
i wonder how they celebrate war or think anyone will ever win
if you just think of all those lives and dreams just taken away in a second..what fools we are
lovely write..

Posted 14 Years Ago

A powerful poem. Description is very good. War is hard to describe. Few men have wrote of it and could make it the truth. In the mist of battle. Seconds are hours. Yes we need to remember the Soldiers of the past and the Soldier fighting for us today.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Quite the write here. I like it, It's very well written.
It's full of feelings and emotion. Very nice job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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London, Essex, United Kingdom

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A Poem by Elise

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