They're Mad, and We Should Be Too

They're Mad, and We Should Be Too

A Poem by Eddie Phillips

Why are we still not seeing the full picture. Hate is Hate and it will feed off itself.


They're mad today because someone shot at the police.
They're mad today and screaming for justice, humanity, and peace.
The media blames the violence on activists; it's an easy lie.
Fox News claims Black Lives activists want all cops to die.
Folks neglect to remember that Blacks, too, called for justice and peace.
The same folks ignore our innocent people shot down in the streets.
Cops, in irrational fear, continue to shoot our family dead in their cars.
Officers film Blacks being tortured and killed behind their prison bars.
However, they deny our anger while the assaults never seem to end.
Yes, cops get shot on duty, but they take more and more of our Black families and friends.

It seems as if the cycle of police violence will forever turn and turn.
Racial hate is a hungry engine, and Black blood is the fuel it burns.
"No one should die!" is a declaration we have chanted for years.
However, intolerant cops still kill blacks based on unjustified racial fears.
The result is the radicalization of people that live in continual heartbreak.
However, few ask the pertinent question:
"How much more do you think black people can or will take?"

We watch our families beaten and killed daily on American TV screens.
Our young children see officers violate rights and annihilate Black dreams.
Yes, they're all mad because they saw officers ambushed in a police car.
When will they get mad about the Black children they continually scar?
When will they care about the shooting of a 12-year-old Black boy?
When will they care about the wanton betrayal of our hope, faith, and joy?
When will they get mad about our black girls being routinely snatched?
When will they care enough to investigate so we can get them all back?
When will they remove the license to kill given to every bigoted cop?
When will they say, "ENOUGH! This is inhuman and must be stopped!"

They're all mad about the shooting of the "armed" and "innocent" police.
The media says they want justice, compassion, and communal peace.
Obstinately, they claim Black violence when they strut onto the camera and lie.
They demand empathy for the officers while our people continue to die.
Empathy suggests we be angry for both Black people and the cops.
We should all take it as a sign that the bigotry and violence must stop.
If we understand both actions, their evil will no longer get a pass.
Continuing to take sides, we will repeat the country's murderous past.
Yes, they're mad about the violence, and Black people should be too. 
We should all be upset that today, racist-based violence isn't through.

© Eddie K. Phillips

© 2022 Eddie Phillips

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A lot of folks don't know. 60% of murder done by white men. Over 600 mass killings. Time for all people to stop. Reset and lead with concern and kindness. I have lived in mixed areas, all my life. I never had a problem. We must learn. We are the same than different. Powerful and strong words and thoughts shared.

Posted 3 Months Ago

This so sad to read. Your words are powerfully felt and I wonder if the progress claimed to be made in the centuries is real or just a sham. Hate is hate and just needs something to be fueled. In America it is race, in India, it is religion. My heart goes out to the victims of this regressive hate and I stand with you in solidarity.
Kudos for putting your words out there!

Posted 3 Months Ago

I see it. The Civil Rights Movement was making such progress back in the sixties...but we have regressed.
Equality is in the eye of the beholder and too many are blind to the strong prejudice that still exists to this day. There is on both side...reverse prejudice exists as well.
Why can't we just all see each other as people!

Posted 3 Months Ago

This hits so hard. I'm in Canada so I don't see it as much but in the U.S., some of the things I hear are shocking. Keep using your voice to fight for equality and justice. It's a powerful tool.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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