No Need For Misery

No Need For Misery

A Poem by CircusNerd


Take on the load that I had to

Because you think you can

Like you could manage hell any better

Only because you're a man

With time you'll learn otherwise

Growing wiser with the flowing sands

Then you'll come back to me

And together we can join hands

Let's live in misery alongside each other


Disregard that swelling ego

Castaway your sadistic pride

If you want that second chance

You gotta push that runt aside

Open your narrow, secular views

Trash all those rules that you defied

Find the truth in all your lies

And learn the value in all you tried

Let's live and reform together


Don't let others push you down
So they can stand taller still

You know your place; it's not below you

You don't have to listen, follow your will

Guide the way, I'll walk by your side

The plans made for us instill

Long days and nights, incessant fights

But we must cross this towering hill

To a utopia better than what we know


One day you'll be able to see

The magnitude of your ways

That right and wrong can't coexist

Balanced together, in golden peace

That day I might not be there

To set your nerves and fears to ease

And perhaps then you might realize

Your ignorance was a disease

Let's live before we're split apart


Please listen to my words carefully

Listen, don't hear, and follow through

I can repeat them as I've done for years

But I can't actually do them for you

The error inside, this pandemic of spite

Beyond all these lies, there lies the truth

Keep searching for it, and surely you'll find

A greater, wider, intelligent view

Let's expand our horizons together


You don't have to understand pain

To help those who must endure it

You don't have to fight blood wars

To support the troops through it

You don't have to march to my drum

To create a side to win it

You don't have to try hard

To reach success, just do it

Let's not live in misery


For we have both seen it
And once is enough to learn it 

© 2009 CircusNerd

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I can feel the frustration with this poem. I loved the beginning, which has a feminist feel. It takes a different turn than I'd anticipated, but I like it all the same. Thanks for the share.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Your pieces are continually a pleasant surprise. You present ideas that are advanced with spot on commentary. You mixed in some nice rhymes and phrases here. I loved the way you ended the piece. That couplet ties the whole piece together and drives your point home like a hammer.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is a really deep poem. Im some ways it reminds me of Adam and Eve. I see a wise woman trying to open the eyes of a man close to her. I also enjoyed the theme of how living a lie is comfortable. Sometimes facing the truth is painful..
and you are surrounded by a world of painful reminders. But hopefully we will somehow learn from our mistakes. I caught a glimmer of hope.

Bravo....100 (+1)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I'm ashamed of myself now.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Omg I love this. Beautifully written and your rhymes are excellent. The meaning in your words is so true. Simply breathtaking. 10/10

Posted 11 Years Ago

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