Tohrment's Rebirth

Tohrment's Rebirth

A Story by unspokenguilt

A Black Dagger Brotherhood Fan Fiction



Tohrment stood in an alley of downtown Caldwell New York, wearing the usual: a black muscle shirt, his black leather pants, and a pair of shitkickers. He ran his hand over the black daggers sheathed across his chest. In the past few days all he knew was vengeance and it felt damn good. This was exactly what Tohr needed. He needed to feel useful again.


It had been months since Lassiter had shown up at that cave and brought him back to the brotherhood’s compound.  During the morbid period of his mourning Tohrment had nearly starved himself to death and now…well let’s just say he was finally getting some of his strength back. Besides John Mathew and that obnoxious glowing angel, fighting lessers was the only other thing that kept him going.


Every now and then he found himself wondering what Wellsie, his beloved shellan, would think of his newfound reckless behavior. He had no doubt she’d disapprove…but then again these were the white-a*s SOBs that were responsible for her death.


Standing over the lessor Tohr felt an odd sense of relief. The male, if it could still be called that, despite the a*s kicking it just had wasn’t dead but unconscious. Sending it back to where it came from, no matter how temporary it was, would be therapeutic for him. Tohr unsheathed his dagger and admired how it shined blue even in the dim lights, for in truth, Vishous was a master of his craft. Tohr knew that with one quick thrust in the chest that lesser would go bouncing back to the Omega.


Just as Tohr was going to waste him a scream cut through the air and he found himself being pushed back, as a girl flung herself upon the lesser. He was utterly stunned for a moment. How the hell had this human gotten passed the mhis? 


“Stay away from my brother!” she screamed, her eyes filled with pure hatred.


Now this was a new one, Tohr thought. Never before, in the history of the brotherhood fighting the lessers had a human held any connection to a lesser or vice versa for that matter. After all lessers were de-souled humans who had cut all ties to the human world. Also, judging by the loss of eye pigment and hair color of this particular lesser he wasn’t exactly a new initiate. So how could she be sure he was whoever she thought he was? “F**k!”


Considering the delicate situation he figured the best thing to do would be to call for backup. Phury and the rest of the boys had to be somewhere near. As he made the call he didn’t take his eyes off the female, “Yeah, P…we got a problem.”


“Damn straight we got a problem!”  She stood up, while grabbing hold of the lesser.

Tohr couldn’t help but grin. She was such a small woman, but man did she have a mouth on her. “How the hell can you be so sure that this lesser is your brother, and not one of the millions of others I’ve already killed?” he questioned.


At that she stuck out her chin “a sister knows.”


When she let out a gasp Tohr didn’t even have to turn around to know that the cavalry had arrived. Phury greeted Tohr with a “how the hell?” and Vishous chimed in with a “that’s what I’d like to know, true”


“ah well…she thinks he’s her brother and-”


“I know he is” she glared at all three of them. With one quick move the lesser was up and behind her, a knife pressed to her throat.


“Aww…sibling rivalry at its finest” V sneered.


The girl winced as the lesser pressed that blade deeper into her throat, which for some reason made Tohr want to fillet the f****r even more. Assuming that the lesser had finally got the feeling back in its legs, Tohr was willing to bet the mother f****r would make a run for it.


“I have no sister…never did” he smirked. Throwing the girl against the wall the lesser turned around and gingerbread man-ed his a*s out of there.


As Vishous took off after him, Tohr and Phury stayed back to see what they could do about the lesser’s human tag along. Tohr walked up to the unconscious female, and then turned to Phury. “Do her a favor and erase any ties she thinks she might have with that lesser.”  With a nod Phury kneeled beside the girl a nudged her arm.


When Ellie opened her eyes she was staring at the man with the multicolored hair. She could swear he was talking to her, but she couldn’t make sense of what he was saying and more importantly she couldn’t escape his piercing yellow eyes. “That couldn’t be natural”, she thought.


“I assure you it’s all mine” he whispered. Phury pushed inside her mind only to find that something was blocking him from getting into her memories.


 As her vision threatened to fade again the last thing Ellie did before she blacked out was reach up to touch that magnificent hair of his.


 When Phury’s hair finally slipped out of her grasp he turned to Tohr and frowned, “That’s odd...I can’t get through.”


After a series of curses Tohrment decided to phone Butch.  “Well if she’s going to pull a forget-me-not, the only other option would be to bring her along.”

Tohr knelt down, picked the girl up from the ground and headed over to the waiting SUV. 


Phury opened the door to the back seat. “Jesus Christ, the kings not going to be happy about this” he said.  Tohr slid the girl in and inserted himself underneath her head. “What other choice do we have?”


Vishous materialized in the passenger seat his arrival announced by the sweet smell of lessor’s blood. “Shot gun!” He greeted the former cop by giving him a rough squeeze on the back of his neck with his gloved hand, “How goes it, you ugly son of a b***h”


Butch ducked out of his grasp and nailed Vishous one in the arm. “Oh, and that goatee is just doing loads for you!” he laughed.


“I hate to break up this of a lovely sausage fest…” Phury drawled and then motioned to the unconscious female, “but don’t you fellas think you should get her to Jane and ASAP?”


 With that Butch started the car, V lovingly flipped Phury off and Tohrment shut the door as Phury dematerialized.


On the way to the mansion, although he already knew the answer, Tohr found himself wording the question “and the lessor?”


“Taken care of” Vishous smiled, his fangs gleaming.


© 2013 unspokenguilt

Author's Note

Please note:
This is a work in progress
Ignore any grammar issues
Also charcter's belong to JR WARD
Feedback apreciated

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Interesting. I would love to see where this goes. May I ask what you are planning on making the characters? What I mean by that is what personalities? Character development? Is this lass going to have a major impact on them? Like I said, I'm interested in seeing where this goes! Onward!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

First of all thank you for the review! As for this piece of work it is only a fan fiction, of The Pa.. read more

8 Years Ago

Bah! No worries! But I think you could really have fun with this has a background arc. Have it to.. read more

8 Years Ago

as, not has, by the way

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