Waste of Words

Waste of Words

A Poem by Emcis



And now a poem about poems....


I think poetry is a wase of time

Trying to get together a bunch of words that rhyme

To describe something so simple

Like a tree, a bird, a pimple?


Why not just say what you mean to say?

Without having to have to sound so gay

If the sky is blue, then it's blue

Why waste time and compare it to everything around you?


Why try and make things more complicated?

By using crazy words that are outdated

Sonnets, haikus, ballads, just make things worse

You can't describe the beauty of life in a verse


Why should you have to go through so much trouble?

To make lines rhyme (brouble)

I say save yourself some work

And take a picture....it lasts longer!


© 2008 Emcis

Author's Note

I don't write poetry unless I'm making fun of something. Sorry if I offended any poets. If u fee that bad about it you can write me an angry letter in the form of a poem, but make sure it rhymes!

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Well i love poetry myself too (but i'm not one to follow the poetic rules heheh) and i'm not one bit offended it takes way more than a few words to get me going...in fact i sorta liked ur poem...brouble??? u should off tried double, now what the hell rhymes with orange?

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love poetry and I must say I became offended but it is your right to write what you want and for that I respect you. Besides this poem, to me, has some humor to it. and at times I actually feel the same way, especially I have to explain myself to those lazy readers that do not want to use their imagination or brains. Anyways good write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on November 3, 2008



Some Island, HI

Sup! I'm a Marine stationed in Hawaii and I don't have a lot of interests. I get bored easily. Writing is something I've always liked doing to pass the time and if you don't like it then oh well, don.. more..