A Poem by EmeraldFacet


Man made plagues ruin more lives than any glitch in nature ever could
So before you flaunt your privilege and shout absolute authority
Take a moment to think if you really should

“We’re all in this together!”
Couldn’t be further from the truth
Rain, shine or whatever weather
Snug around our necks a painful noose

Rage, terror and sickness exist here
No delusion can deny
When bodies in bags ravaged by disease
It’s impossible to turn a blind eye

Absolute freedom granted to those who coheres
Respect denied to the dead
Their dignity to lay peacefully in a hearse

How despicable to create poverty
Then shamelessly punish to poor
To sit atop spoils of robbery
Your outstretched arm of greed
Constantly asking for more

Mortal sacrifice suggested to preserve collective wealth
Global gains far more superior than community health
Crushing the powerless beneath with heavy stones
Piercing alarms silencing millions of agonizing moans
To want their share in life is not a sin
To demean them at all cost is not a win

Keep your ideas of productivity and your words of motivation
Keep your dishonest encouragement and goals of aspiration
Don’t think yourself a saint for suddenly recognizing workers as hero’s
When your ego was used to slam them to the ground and measure them as zeros

Tell me what honor comes from acknowledging these “invisibles”
When it was you who knocked their morale
Your inflated superiority refused to acknowledge them as individuals

Even in isolation there is still a competition of who can quarantine best
Climb up off your high horse and allow Mother Nature heal from her insufferable pest
Stop preaching about your valiant efforts to save the world
While you thrive under the pretenses of the lies you have whirled

I can feel your affection from here
so please continue to stay 6 feet away
There is no empathy you will find here from me and that’s all I have to say

© 2020 EmeraldFacet

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Added on May 18, 2020
Last Updated on November 10, 2020



I believe that embers of the past have just enough potential to start a fire in our soul, enableing each one of us to, not become great for ourselves, but rather to do something great for someone else.. more..