Sparrow and Sea

Sparrow and Sea

A Poem by EmeraldFacet

In a kingdom of solitude
Beneath a deep and quiet sea
You cast a pebble into the water
It's final destination a mystery

Hit me on the head one day
By the winds of change and chance
A sailor? No, a desert boy?
I could not decipher from a quick glance

So I Swam up to the surface
to see who tossed the pebble below
To my surprise neither a sailor or desert boy
Instead a wild & free sparrow

A peculiar brown feathered stranger
with a familiar five letter name
The unrest of the ocean on the verge of danger
Much like his names sake, was able to effortlessly tame

Who could have ever seen this coming
No one at all, including I or you
The only reflection that is calming
Both sky and sea share the same color blue

Can love flourish between fish and fowl
Doubtful by the crowds
where could it possibly thrive? they howl
Beneath the ocean or above the clouds?

Your lungs will fill with water
When I try to hold your hand
To taste the sweet nectar of your lips
Means I will shrivel up on dry land

You'll surely chase another gust of wind
When it will once again blow your way
I will wholeheartedly rejoice for your win
But in dark waters I will not stay

As fortune would have it
It did gift me a single kiss
In your absence I can't help but wonder
If you'll want to remember me to even miss

Please keep this love
like the ocean it is as deep as deep can be
The armor of my heart unfolding
Your heart defining me
Have you seen anything so mesmerizing
As the fury of the sea
In the chaos there was beauty
Even if just for a fleeting moment for me

© 2021 EmeraldFacet

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Added on March 26, 2021
Last Updated on March 29, 2021



I believe that embers of the past have just enough potential to start a fire in our soul, enableing each one of us to, not become great for ourselves, but rather to do something great for someone else.. more..