Peur des monstres

Peur des monstres

A Story by thesmallestcomma

When you are a child, all alone in the darkness of your bedroom and afraid of the monsters under your bed, your mother and father chase them away...but sometimes, the monsters are real

Mother and Father

Mum and Dad

Ma and Pa

Mama and Papa

Mummy and Daddy

When you are a child, all alone in the darkness of your bedroom and afraid of the monsters under your bed, your mother and father chase them away.

They tuck you in. Place a kiss on your forehead. Hold you until you fall asleep. Assure you that there is nothing to be scared of, that everything will be okay.

You believe them, because you are a child and they are your mother and father. They’re always right, aren’t they? That’s why they’re your mother and father.

But sometimes, everything is not alright.

But sometimes, there are things to be scared of.

But sometimes, the monsters are real.

And you should be afraid.

* * *

Emma was three when she discovered that the monsters were real. That everything wasn’t okay.

She was three when she realised that home wasn’t always the best place to be.

She was three when she knew she’d never escape.
* * *

The basement.

Alone, and in the dark, Emma was left for hours on end.

Her mama gave her food sometimes - not a lot, but enough to get her by.

A piece of bread here, a biscuit there.

She savoured every piece.

Her papa wasn’t around a lot. Emma barely saw him.

He only came when he was angry.

When he’d had too much to drink.

When he needed an outlet.

* * *

Emma was five when she lied for the very first time.

Her papa had been angry again.

She had fallen down the stairs. It was an accident.

That was what she told the doctor when he had asked what had happened. That was what her papa had told her to say.

It wasn’t the truth, but her papa had told her to say it.

So she did.

It wasn’t an accident.

The doctor didn’t seem to believe her when she said it. He didn’t ask more questions though. He told her to be more careful.

She said she would.

* * *

Emma was eight when she spent the night in the hospital.

She was badly burnt. Her arm was covered in blistering skin - or what was left of it.

The doctors asked what had happened.

I tripped and fell in the kitchen, I hit a saucepan and the water fell on me. It was an accident.

They nodded and told her to get some rest.

They left.

She slept.

When she woke up it was morning.

A doctor and another woman came in.

The woman sat on the edge of her bed and asked her lots of questions.

Have you ever been hurt by your parents?

Have they ever hit you?

Are you ever scared at home?

Emma wanted to say yes, yes and yes.

No, no, no

The woman looked like she wanted to say more.

Emma looked at her expectantly.

Are you sure?



The woman nodded. She left.

Emma went back to sleep.

* * *

Emma was ten when it happened.

Her mama had come down to see her. She was crying.

She said she was sorry and she loved her. She wanted them to leave. She said they were going to stay with her Uncle Ron in Connecticut.

Emma couldn’t believe what was happening.

Then her papa came in.

He was drunk and angry.

He yelled a lot. Her mama did, too.

Emma stayed silent, and hid behind her mama.

Then things took a turn for the worse.

A big turn.

Her papa pulled something out of his pocket. Emma couldn’t see what it was.

He waved it around a lot, still yelling.

Then there was a loud noise and her mama fell to the floor.

Another loud noise.

Then there was nothing.

* * *


A place where you are supposed to feel safe.

Where as a child, you can come to after school, jump up the stairs and into the awaiting arms of your parents.

Where, no matter what, there will always be a place for you.

A place of protection.

A place where you feel happy and safe and warm.

When you are under that roof and behind those walls, nothing can ever hurt you.

Except sometimes, things can.


© 2012 thesmallestcomma

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Horrifying, and very well written. the short sequences and sentences are very effective in setting the mood of this piece. I like it very much.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on July 4, 2012
Last Updated on July 4, 2012
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A Chapter by thesmallestcomma