The Song of Victory

The Song of Victory

A Poem by emipoemi

a little ditty for Canada Day


Tecumseh stood in stately mien,

His gaze about the peaceful scene,

Awaiting Brock to bring his flock

At five o’clock in the morning.


Brock came and briefly ran a scan

Through ev’ry aspect of the plan,

Then on command they crossed the land

In song of victory:


Victory by victory!

We’re marching on to victory!

Fort Mackinac was victory!

(And Canada lives on!)


In step they gave the ground a shake,

Six hundred soldiers in their wake, 

And mustered might to face the fight

At six o’clock in the morning.


Their red coats glistened splendidly,

Their flag flew high and hopefully,

And through the air they sounded their

Triumphant melody:


Victory by victory!

We’re marching on to victory!

O Fort Detroit was victory!

(And Canada lives on!)


The cannon roared, the soldiers ran

Towards the unsecured redan

To meet the Yanks and break their flanks

At seven o’clock in the morning.


Amid the red, the black, the blue,

Brock twice was struck, Tecumseh too,

And as they died they firmly cried

That not a soldier flee-


Victory by victory!

We’re marching on to victory!

For Queenston Heights was victory!

(And Canada lives on!)


The soldiers dressed their wounds and sighed,

Relieved to have the odds defied,

And buried Brock beneath a rock

At eight o’clock in the morning.


And in the name of liberty,

They carried on the legacy

For which we sing through ev’rything

The hymn of history:


Victory by victory!

We’ll ever march to victory!

Each venture shall be victory!

(So Canada lives on!)


© 2023 emipoemi

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One thing I found fascinating about your storytelling is how you call out the various times, indicating this sequence of events happened in just a few short hours. Great way to show instead of tell. I feel ashamed of myself for not knowing ANYTHING about the liberation of Canada, but I get the impression from your poem that you gained liberty from the USA!??! Well, whatever the case, I came to your poem wanting to read about the patriotic love of one's country, since south of the border we've had a distinct lack of that, this week in particular! I wish our country were as unified as your poem makes Canada feel . . . not to mention your country being WAY more respectful & peaceful. (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

Thank you for taking the time to teach me plenty!

2 Years Ago

my pleasure

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