A Poem by emipoemi

Life never runs straight-

The rough and gritty snake

Winds a wild and wavy way

Through scenery

With greenery

So seemingly serene,

As shadows sidle with the knack

Of stabbing in the back unseen.

Let not the dark disrupt the day,

Be not afraid to dream!


The days may gleam with hope,

Even during rainy seasons,

But many eyes around the clock

Look down upon the earth for reasons

To shake the mountains, scorch the trees,

Wreak havoc on humanity,

That they would fight

To conquer life,

And weather Nature’s cruelty.

The world is nothing as it seems,

Come Hell or high water,

Find freedom in your dreams!


There’s a rock to one side

With a hard place on the other,

And the walls are always closing in.

Ev’ry day is a wonder

That the sun shines

Without an imminent win

On the horizon;

The kith and kin,

Wearing away at the seams

Of their existence,

Take to gin and tonics,

Craving a better tomorrow.

Fret not about reality,

Enhance it with your dreams!


Life would only be worth living

When we arise to make it so,

And muster all our strength and faith,

And vow to not let go;

With a head to go the distance,

And a heart to be a team,

The road would lead to somewhere-

Anywhere, but somewhere-

And once arrived at somewhere,

We’ll taste the cream of the cream.

Be not a slave to hardships,

Be not afraid to dream!


© 2020 emipoemi

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WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm not easily inspired by inspirational writing, but you've got me hooked! This strikes the exact note I need between realism & optimism. Many times inspirational writers skip right to the "rah! rah!" part of the message, but you have to meet people where they are. This is the most comprehensive thing I've seen written that expressed how overwhelmed people are, all over the world, by the relentless obstacles & tragedies. You do an amazing job of expressing how utterly s****y it is, but there's still this bit of a lilt to your expression that makes this not a bit dreary sounding. That's pretty amazing to be able to catch that perfect nuance in how to address such a massive widespread amount of s**t that's happening in the world today. Lots of people are pouring themselves out into words about it, but very few catch the perfect way to balance the devastation with some hope, authentic hope made realistic by your acknowledgment of how bad this feels to many people (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

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1 Week Ago

I do my best to be a spokesperson for the masses....if only the masses would understand/appreciate w.. read more

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Added on August 1, 2020
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