A Poem by Emma Marie Taylor

This poem I wrote about 7 months ago when I could tell my long term boyfriend was about to break up with me, I wrote it while crying, it is a very powerful poem to me.


Sometimes people forget about you. 
Loss of interest, deception...it doesn't matter. 
I guess the worst pain is knowing that it's coming...
The waiting is what kills you. 
The wondering...
What did I do wrong?

I wish I didn't have to watch as they detach themselves from me. 

I wish I didn't have to watch their love for me disintegrate, filled by the love of a new girl. 

But I do.

I don't know if it will hurt when it happens...
I kind of hope it does

Because it will give me something to hold onto...
One last piece of him. 

Before he finally lets me go. 

© 2013 Emma Marie Taylor

Author's Note

Emma Marie Taylor
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Awe this is bittersweet, I can feel your emotion in this piece, you have written it very well. I agree with Rahul with the favorite line...I think that is the most powerful line in the whole thing. Hope the pain goes away soon, it's hard getting over someone but as time goes on it will heal and you will move on.

Good Job

Posted 7 Years Ago

Emma Marie Taylor

7 Years Ago

Thank you!
~*~Peace Keeper~*~

7 Years Ago

You're welcome
Because it will give me something to hold onto...
One last piece of him.

Before he finally lets me go.
These lines;re awesome and well penned, i think you're in LOVE of someone and he hurt you badly and the piece came just right frm the bottom of your breakable heart....very strong write. you know what love always hurt but love always be alive in heart, love spreads hate or anger but love also spreads the scent of the true love...

Fake love and true/REAL love these're two phrase;s of love on which love's bifurcated in. Which one you want to depends on you.. everyone wants true love but they got fake one, those who want fake one they got true love... it's a fact dear "Emma". If you're in love of someone and he broke up with you then dont' spoil you further life thinking of him, you're your future, you'll get the true one.. he didn't deserve ya that's why you got some hurt.. one's you'll be in someone's heart who'll keep you in his arms and keeps you always happy in the world.... i'm sure.
Well, you can think of me ...too.. lol ahahha *kidddin*.....HAHA

Well penned write, your this write forces me to read your some more writes :) 100/100 :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Emma Marie Taylor

7 Years Ago

Thank you, and I'm well over that boy now, I've moved on. I just found it in my files and thought, ".. read more

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Added on August 5, 2013
Last Updated on August 5, 2013
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Emma Marie Taylor
Emma Marie Taylor

Muncie, IN

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