Tick Tock Tick...

Tick Tock Tick...

A Poem by .Em.

Rosie Ann has a clock
That tells her if she should die or not
She takes the seconds and counts by five
Adding the years she's been alive

She stares at it day in and day out
She carries it all about
Still her clock it never stops
Her Heart beats with the old tick tock

Soon enough it becomes a bore
Carrying it around is quite the chore
She sets it down and looks around
And becomes a girl in awe of what she has found

When she steps away, her clock keeps going
Apparently immortal her face is glowing
She runs across green grass
Following clouds as they go past

As she ages and learns and grows
The memory of a clock goes
She encounters many friends 
And soon shares a life with her husband

She gives birth by a waterfall
Learns to perfect a southern drawl
And as her hair turns grey 
She sails her boat away from the bay

And one day as she kisses her family goodnight in the forests of China
The batteries die as the final tick 

© 2014 .Em.

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Added on July 10, 2014
Last Updated on July 10, 2014



Clinton , MA

LOVE is my goal... Life to share... Music, Art , Poetry... my MAP to guide me. more..

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