PASSION ((my first spoken word piece))

PASSION ((my first spoken word piece))

A Poem by Cassie Fraga

write, walk, and talk theme.... "Passion"




Introduced as stress

Labeled as possessed

Gripped in chains

That I can’t confess

Judgmental eyes will look at me as less

Outer cycles

Inner press

A weight I can’t contest


Off this I feed

A demented obsession with no safety

Sleeps and awakens

Hides and seeks

Unwanted but stirs

For more

Wanting more

How much more?

Within this curse my gift pours

As if I’m fated only to define and reveal

Pen out every moment in detail that I feel

Smile; I write

Cry; I quote lines


When it speaks

Emotions bare words to open and bleed

Words form phrases and deliciously meet

Baring my soul for everyone to see

It’s maddening

A never ending disease

A force with no reckon

An uncontrolled beckon

Flames in all I imagine

Unstoppable when tapped in

There’s no measure

Lots of pressure

Vibes of pleasure

A golden treasure

That aches till I’m blind

Rhythm and rhymes

Carrie over from night skies

To sunrise

This spirit flies

Floats on truth

But drowns in lies


Causes me to see things inversely

The blame of why I take to life differently

I sense more than the normal being

I thrive on and pay attention to my feeling

It suffocates until I can’t breathe

These burnings

and yearnings

They empty

In the mix of heat

Of deleted scenes

In all that I ink

It drives my heart to pound out of beat



Can you hear it?

© 2012 Cassie Fraga

Author's Note

Cassie Fraga
welp... I was scared and felt like I was going to be sick... but on the outside remained fearless!! I even got asked to speak again next week!!! Next weeks theme "Life".... wish me luck!! =D

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You show a true passion for the verse my friend .
Public speaking is never easy nor is doing a reading but when your dealing with great work it should always make it easier dam fine work on this Cassie.

Stay crazy Gonzo

Posted 8 Years Ago

Yes,I can hear your heart to pound out of beat.
Wonderful write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great Job! I can actually hear what I think is your voice when I read it.
I love the free flowing thought from which you (shatter painted) (Splatter ranged it)!
I can feel the breaks as if it could be no other way but broken and put back together.
You are great! keep it up! You don't need Luck! ;)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Powerful words. Great write. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

WOW! This was answesome read, love how you made passion speak to the readers in the poem!(It spoke to me!)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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nice write and i really enjoyed the read, ty

Posted 8 Years Ago

yes...the tones echoed within - very, very well... well done!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

You deserve a rapturuos standing ovation.That was very nice.
Nice flow of words,nice theme,nice everything.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I can hear it in your words as they pound faster causing me to read with eager eyes. A wonderful and explicit way to describe the emotions that are coupled with passion! Well done my sweet friend!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I can hear you now! very awesome

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Cassie Fraga
Cassie Fraga


I AM THE GIRL... 1. I am the girl who people say is a "dreamer" or "over imaginative"... they are correct... I am this way because I like the view from the clouds, my world looks more .. more..


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