The Maniac

The Maniac

A Story by Ashley

Looking into the mirror all she saw was a monster.  A cold-blooded, murderous monster.  The girl ran her fingertips through her tangled hair and looked at the black eyes staring back at her through the mirror.  Beautiful light brown hair, rosy cheeks, but murder filled her eyes.  She was covered in blood, someone elses fresh blood.
   To take things off her mind she decided to take a shower.  The hot, steaming water made her skin red, but she didn't care.  The overwhelming smell of blood filled the bathroom as it poured down her skin, into the drain.  After her shower she got dressed and locked herself in her room.
   The girl wasn't ashamed at all of the crime she committed.  In her mind her mom deserved to die.  All her mom did was care for her, yet psychologically in the girls mind she was a monster.  The girl was a maniac.  This wasn't even her first murder either.
   It was still bright day-light out and not close to evening.  She grabbed black spray paints from the edge of her dresser and stared blankly at it.  After five minutes she popped the cap off one and began to spray it all over her window.  After two cans of paint it was pitch dark in her room.
   The darkness was like her best friend.  She hated the sun and everything in general.  During night she even wore sunglasses for some odd reason.  The girl just lied on her bed, letting the darkness consume her.  What was the point in living?, she thought.  Then an odd sensation ran through her body and she began frantically looking for an object.
   In front of her closet she found an idea, a leather belt.  She grabbed it and ran it across her fingers, walking closer towards the closet.  Gently she tugged the belt around her neck, connecting it to the pole hanger in her closet.
  She took one last look at life and went straight forward to choke herself to death.  Slowly, but surely she became dead.  Her lifeless body hung onto the belt still, becoming pale and stiff.  The next day the policemen found her bloody mom in the kitchen.  She had twenty stabs to the chest and burn marks along her neck.  Then they found the girls stiffened body still hanging.  The girl was a maniac that killed people; only in the end leading herself to her own death.

© 2014 Ashley

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Added on May 21, 2014
Last Updated on May 21, 2014
Tags: horror, story, killer, murder, psychology, new, crime, death, hatred, broken, caution




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