Never Loose It

Never Loose It

A Poem by Akhand Pratap Singh

A poem to motivate who are weak, sometimes words can cast a spell on a person.. I hope to achieve that too


What if sailing like a bird
Over huge ocean 
One gets away
From their friends?

What if running from a hunter
With a herd of lions
One gets lost
From his way?

What if like a feather
Broken from a wing
One falls afar
From its place?

Life is such a place
Where no one stays
Forever the same
Sun today, moon yesterday

Will you loose your hope?
Or stop to pray?
Once you are hit
With this dismay?

Will you cry loud?
Or die inside?
Scar in the heart
A lost faith

Say oh you lover!
Of your hopeless way
Will you cease to live
If you are thrown away?

A garbage has its pride
Could be recycled again
Could be turned to useful
Element and state

A broken wing is used 
In so many ways
Decoration in house or
To write parables

A lone bird could fly
To many different ways
Flying over vast sea
She might reach her fateful place

Life is all about
Standing back
Against all hardship
Against all pain

So wipe those tear oh lady!
And take your rightful place
Just beside those mighty
Those reached the highest place.

© 2013 Akhand Pratap Singh

Author's Note

Akhand Pratap Singh
Humans are best creation of "The Creator" still they act weak, sometimes they go down with just one blow and never stand back. So this is for all of those out there, you never loose it until you have

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very well written, "life is all about standing bck"

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like the questions raised in this nice well penned poem. It adds mystique to it and wonderings... A good one...:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Sami Khalil

10 Years Ago

My pleasure . I'll be visiting every now and then. Take care and Happy writing.
Akhand Pratap Singh

10 Years Ago

Thank you and same to you, write with your heart and keep writing
Sami Khalil

10 Years Ago

^^~^^ :)

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Added on February 11, 2013
Last Updated on February 11, 2013
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Akhand Pratap Singh
Akhand Pratap Singh

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