A Selection of Poetry [2008]

A Selection of Poetry [2008]

A Poem by Enjoy

Some of my old stuff from 2008... on another account from before the army!



The woman bathes,

Attempting to cleanse,


However, even long after

the tub is drained,

they linger still.

"The Tides of Change"

Even my tears are dissident in a sea of loathing -
Will I escape this whirlpool of fear?
Or will I drown, suffer under waves of hate?
These droplets bore a hole deep in my heart.

An inkling of thought splays across the canvas of the world,
Only to be covered by thousands of others,
Dripping downward to seal and cover,
Only to themselves be found underneath.

Could I penetrate the marrow castle?
Washing away it's chalky surface with the tides of change?
Rending it to dust, swallowed by the flow of ideas,
And taken down-river.

Or shall my small pond be lost within the Sea?

"A Handful of Ghosts"

Silk-white gloves,

Celestial fingers,

Caressing the spirit to heal and disinfect,

Like mother would.


Open, caring,

Not closed in anger,

Reaching through the barriers to touch and calm,

Like mother would.


I've got a Handful of Ghosts,

A flock of Heavenly Hosts,

And the world just still isn't right,

'thout you


The music fills this hall -
With the echoes of harmony.
Suddenly I'm confronted,
with an overwhelming urge to dance.

What style is appropriate?
Perhaps we'll dance like we used to -
Just 'round and 'round, in circles,

Counter-balancing each other perfectly,
The throes of young love,
Naïve and unaware of the trials,
of later life.

Our voices come together in harmony,
Until a third voice comes and brings chaos,
Destructive dissonance,
Like a lament for purity -

Yet, we spin 'round in circles,
Unaware of the passage of time,
The End is the Centrifuge,
Trying to break us apart,
But our voices are individual,
But contrapuntal in nature,
As we are but pieces of a whole,
Single parts of the Fugue,
Coming together as one.

The music still fills the hall -
With the ghosts of harmony.
Suddenly I'm confronted,
with an overwhelming urge to dance.


Is it you, really, Nicholas?
It's been far too long since you last came to visit me.

I've been good! how kind of you to ask.
Nine miles past ol' Hedgerow and you're still truckin', I see?
You would've been so fun to have around the house.
See, the kid left home and since I've been lonely.
Shame the man did undo you!

Oh yes, I do remember how you two were friends.
How could I forget? He told me everything, y'know.
How you two spent your days frolicking out by the ol' Cherry-bush.
Oh yes, I did hear of your exploits together.
The ol' cave by Kristen's place?

Yeah, the one with the ivy so overgrown you'd barely reckon it existed!
Foolish, girl that Kristen, did'ja hear?
Ran off with an Irishman, some Davies boy. Good lookin' lad -
Not as smart as you.
Such a shame, shame.

You woulda made such a good hubby for that Kristen girl.
She was very pretty, not much up in the attic, though, eh?
Probably ten, maybe eleven miles past and you're still going?
You always were a determined chap.
Such a shame he did that.

You coulda had any girl in town, you know that?
The other boys, all tousled and unkempt -
Girls kept right clear on them (except foolish Kristen, I guess)!
And good on 'em!
'Tis such a shame, shame, shame.

You had keen eyes, eh?
Always wanted the Heightenton girl, 'cept -
You know she did-up that Christian boy in the ol' Cherry-bush?
Twice-round and he still pickin' fleas!
Shame, shame, shame.

I guess you could consider yourself lucky
Left this place with a little dignity -
Did you hear about Robertson?
Oh, my. Took his wife and kids with him to the other side!
Too much shame, perhaps?

The town's never been quite the same without you.
Shame that b*****d undid you!
Such a shame, shame, shame.

© 2011 Enjoy

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I love poetry1 So, I love these!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

A epic collection of well thought out words that come together to paint a picture of a talented hand weaving magic.

Posted 12 Years Ago

The first piece, "Impurity", is well-written. Short, simple but powerful.

Posted 12 Years Ago

good one see mine too "QUEST OF LIFE".

Posted 12 Years Ago

i really love this
the poems fit together nicely too
keep on writing
Don''t fight to much (in the army)
*wink wink*

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like how you combined them together to make this lovely selection. I really liked The Tides of Change.
♥ Ta'Shandra

Posted 12 Years Ago

Enjoyed this selection, all real good, my favourite being centrifuge :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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