A Poem by cimmy wuv xxxooo

This poem goes out to a great friend, who struggles with a fair few addictions, and who just wants to get somewhere in life, and start by quitting bad addictions. This is the strongest way i can show my support.
I just want whats best for him, and for him to come out of rehab a better person. See you in a year zack, thoughts are with you, and dont forget me!!!


This may seem so scary, this might be insane,
Im sure you have all these doubts, running through your brain.
Youll be cut off from your phone, youll be locked away,
But in the end you should settle, paint rainbows over that dark grey.

I wont see you for a year, we wont get to talk,
But ill be here when u get back, i wont walk.
Give this a chance, better yourself, you have a strong will,
You dont need any kind of alcohol, drugs or pills.

You have a strong support system and we have your back,
I know if you commit to this program it could lead you on the right track.
You could make some good friends with whom you can relate,
I want you to return in a happier more positive state.

You will know who your true friends are when you return,
Leave the s**t ones in your past, there no longer your concern.
You went in full of liquor clouding your head,
Coming out replacing it with water and a great mindset instead.

I believe in you.
Take this all in, just give yourself a shot.
Stop telling yourself negitive things, that your worthless, because your not.

Come on back and turn your life around,
Pick yourself up of the ground,
And your new direction will be found...

Come back the better man not a scared little boy, you'll learn when to drink and to say, Oi!
No more means no more.

© 2019 cimmy wuv xxxooo

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Supportive words said with much conviction tells me what a great friend you are Cimmy. He has a mountain to climb and it is great to know you will be there for him on the descent. Lovely poem.

negative. typo?


Posted 1 Month Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Month Ago

Yer typo ill fix that thanks.
Thanks for the review darl.
He really thanked me for b.. read more
Christine Anne Shaw

1 Month Ago

Addictions are hell. People need supporting, not kicking :)
cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Month Ago

Thats what i think :)

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1 Review
Added on August 25, 2019
Last Updated on September 7, 2019


cimmy wuv xxxooo
cimmy wuv xxxooo

melbourne, Australia

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