A Poem by cimmy wuv xxxooo


Ill be the shoes that protect ur feet,
When ur feeling broke down and beat.
Ill be runners not heels, ill be ur motivation,
When with me ill be your drive, give you determination.

Ill be your heater when your cold and u shiver,
When your drowning, ill pull you out of the river.
Ill hold you close until you nolonger quiver and shake,
My heat i will give, its yours to take.

Ill be your house if you lost your home,
Ill take you in and you will have a place.
There will be no reason to roam,
I will be your saving grace.

When your feeling broken down and weak,
I will catch you everytime you fall.
I will wipe your tears as i kiss you cheek,
I will be your strong built wall.

If you ever go blind i will be your sight,
I will guide you through the darkest night.
I will tell you in detail of all the beauty i see,
so you can paint a picture, of what you think it would be.

I will be anything and everything you need my love,
For your my angel from the heavens above.
You were sent to me, to treat with love and care,
Whenever you need me ill always be right there.

So as you look up at the stars and cry,
Dont be mad, or wonder why...
I havnt left you im in your heart,
Im sorry we have to be apart.

When its your time ill lead you to the heavens above,
But for now you have to stay here, dont fear my love.

Im in the wind, ill still caress your face,
The heat from the sun, is my warm embrace.
Dont feel you've lost me, ill never leave your side,
Life for you is just a longer ride.

Lifes your journey, im your destination,
We will live many lives together through reincarnation.
Two souls that together become one,
Bound together never to be undone

© 2019 cimmy wuv xxxooo

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Added on December 22, 2019
Last Updated on December 22, 2019


cimmy wuv xxxooo
cimmy wuv xxxooo

melbourne, Australia

Hey everyone im cimmonne (prounced simone) but everyone i know and love calls me cimmy. I'm unique and different and 100 percent me. I have a passion for writing and i want to share my writing with ev.. more..