Hanging out the Wash-ed up Writer's Laundry

Hanging out the Wash-ed up Writer's Laundry

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Hanging out the Wash-ed up Writer's Laundry




no Nobels for me

no Pulitzers in the future

just a bunch of words hung out on the line to dry


fluttering in a wind of disinterest

and discontent with themselves

hating the author who put them there


inhibiting his sleep

taunting him to make better use of his talent

to waken in the middle of the night

and absorb the muse like a sponge


let the keys sing to God

maybe divine inspiration

to excel in excavating the words from deep within


putting together masterpieces the dead poets

would rise from their graves to cheer.


but alas.

i am only me,

write like me

a zeppelin about to crash

no survivors, not one word escaping

the tragedy

that is 


me steering the keys awry

watching talent pass me by

on lines that are in lieu


in their blue.





© 2019 jacob erin-cilberto

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Love your style. If 30 poems are posted online and a tree falls in the forest, is one accomplished?

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

2 Weeks Ago

thank you, Brad. Well not sure whether one is accomplished with that or not, but i do wonder if anyo.. read more
I have chosen this specific poem due to the realistic images. They allowed me to feel the pain from the loss. I believe the author discusses a morbid issue, but the theme is relevant to every human being because each of us will die one day and nobody knows when it will happen. The most impressive line to me is, “One with a bucket d*****s ponds of blood.” It means that a policeman washes away the exaggerated ponds of blood left after the car crash. Another similar poem I can recall is “Death Be Not Proud” by John Donne. These two authors discuss the theme of mortality. Unlike Shapiro, who looks perplexed by the theme, Donne rejects the power of death and makes fun of it.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

3 Weeks Ago

I remember reading "Death be not Proud" in high school...and I teach "The Fly" by Shapiro...thank yo.. read more
well, I enjoy your writing so I can't agree completely.
as for myself, I write to keep my mind busy. whether it's good or not depends on the reader and how they interpret. I have a feeling your voice will still resonate after you're gone

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

3 Weeks Ago

thank you for your kind words, Edie,
I often wonder where would we be without Shakespeare. Then again how can you miss something you don’t miss! I’m sure like life, poetry would just continue. I can relate to this poem, my writes are hung out in the hope someone will stop by but you J are a zen master at writing!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

3 Weeks Ago

thank you, that is kind of you...but i think you are more zen with your philosophical works i always.. read more
You weren't writing about me, were you? :))) My words are on the line tattered and filled with holes. haha.

Good one.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

andrew mitchell

3 Weeks Ago

You underestimate your fine work relic.
jacob erin-cilberto

3 Weeks Ago

i agree with andrew, Relic...your poetry is high standard...
The line that stands out, is "let the keys sing to God". It doesn't strike me as the work of a washed-up poet. Let the words flutter in the breeze...the Muse will be by to unpin them and take them inside...there is no wreck to be had here...the only zeppelin going down plays Black Dog.

A good one, j.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

3 Weeks Ago

"hey hey mama said the you move..."
thanks Ted,
Ted Kniffen

3 Weeks Ago

Well, "mama told me not to come" but I went anyway...always was a bit of a rebel.
Great metaphors here Jacob and you my friend are no zeppelin about to crash. All poets go through periods of time when they believe their writing isn't up to scratch. It often turns out that the stuff the poet likes least their audience rates best. Your crown is safe.


Posted 3 Weeks Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

3 Weeks Ago

appreciate the encouragement. Chris...thank you for your words,
Another of those sneaky little rhymes snuck in there at the end lol! I find this one hard as I for one keep thinking I should try writing something more profound, something more worthwhile but am drawn to the procrastination of poetry as a poor excuse for inaction. As always you take an emotion or an issue and literally hang it on an excellent allegorical line or two or three Jacob. I have to say your poetry is worthy, and more so than many 'great'or published poets.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

3 Weeks Ago

thank you for your words, John---

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Added on June 24, 2019
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jacob erin-cilberto
jacob erin-cilberto

Carbondale, IL

Originally from Bronx, NY, I live in Carbondale, Illinois...teach English at two community colleges and have been writing and publishing poetry since 1970. Friending works two ways. If we have had .. more..


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