Poulin's Native Son

Poulin's Native Son

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Poulin's Native Son




it's later than it was yesterday

when i watched eighteen pass me by


with a whiff of gin

a tote on that joint of clueless education


it might have been a game

i can't remember if i won

but i vividly recall some of it

as if it were tomorrow



and certainly will become 70 yesterday

still have books from back then

an old poetry anthology, ripped to pieces


shreds of the Beat poets dreaming words into me

today i read from it


woke up in Ferlinghetti's shoes

stomped my iambic feet

freewheeling into nineteen

with "I am waiting" as my theme


but my poetry got scuffed

i lost my shine, tomorrow

when it was yesterday

i wrote of the day before


with a sniff of gin

enough to dizzy my eye

and the scent of the weed

enough to knock me over

like a dandelion in the wind


now i remember

i did win

i made it to 70

but i doubt my poetry

will find its way to 71.


yet, i do vividly recall tomorrow

as if it were yesterday.


when all is said and done

and done






© 2020 jacob erin-cilberto

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These lines definitely have the feel of reflection on what has been achieved. And you my friend have achieved much, even though you may not feel like that on a bad day. We do keep flying backwards don't we as the years pass? Here you have lost direction. I have a new compass for you :) Lovely piece. So understandable.


Posted 1 Week Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

1 Week Ago

thank you for your kind review, Chris,
Stuck in the 80's lifestyle? I think we are all stuck somewhere in life Jacob. Most of us want to stop those clocks. This is a sad reminiscence in a flowing and poignant poem. Strong stuff.

Posted 1 Week Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

1 Week Ago

Actually John, I never left the sixties....:)))
John Alexander McFadyen

1 Week Ago

Ah I was happy to divorce the 60s, 70s and 80s but it never did get better lol!
When in eighteen everything looked promising..... But standing at a mature age our greyish mind try to recall the past.... And whether it was worth it or not... A sad undertone..... Try to fly away from here to there

Posted 1 Week Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

1 Week Ago

really like this response, Dreamer...
thank you,
I am almost 40. So this poem speaks to me but probably differently than you meant it. I made me start reflecting on life and the passage of time. "Worthless education" struck me as a academic. In many ways I think education is polishing the brass on the Titantic (a quote from Fight Club).

Posted 1 Week Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

1 Week Ago

I like that quote...and where you are coming from is very close to where I was...
thank you, .. read more
hmmmmmmmmm it does seem so ... at this age we have rolled over the same themes many many times .. perhaps Dementia is a blessing in disguise eh!? each moment brand new ... never seen before .. not that i would wish it on me self nor anyone .. just a thought ;)

Posted 1 Week Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

1 Week Ago

I think you have something there, my friend...might just be a blessing.
thank you, E.
.. read more
Einstein Noodle

1 Week Ago

What a unique write. A bit sad but has a lot of spirit and poetry that makes this poem very entertaining as well as educational about the person and life like in how it passes us by like the wind. Wonderfully penned, poet. Tyfs

Posted 1 Week Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

1 Week Ago

thank you for your kind review, Cyprian,

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jacob erin-cilberto
jacob erin-cilberto

Carbondale, IL

Originally from Bronx, NY, I live in Carbondale, Illinois...teach English at two community colleges and have been writing and publishing poetry since 1970. Friending works two ways. If we have had .. more..