Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Alyss Erulisse

“Have you gotten that drink ready yet, ma chère?” 

Grabbing a jigger, Eva measured out a shot of tequila and poured it onto the rocks, the ice cubes crackling as the warmer liquid flowed over them.  Adding cranberry juice, lime juice and soda water, she stirred the contents and garnished the rim with a slice of lime before serving the glass to her twentieth customer that night, a regular. 

“Stop trying to speak French, Jared,” she scolded.  “You have a terrible accent.” 

The man laughed and took a swig of his drink. 

“If you’re going to serve him more than seven drinks, you’re going to be the one responsible for getting him in a skytaxi.”  Eva jumped as her manager shouted in her ear to be heard over the booming pulse of the music.  For the life of her, she did not know why he insisted on keeping the music up so loud when they worked in such a small bar.  He should have been going for a chilled atmosphere instead of a frenzied one. 

“Sorry,” she yelled back, “I lost count.” 

“Don’t let me be hearing that again,” her manager warned. 

Eva frowned and looked at Jared, who was slurring an unwanted invitation to one of the lady customers.  Unbalanced, he accidently sloshed the remainder of his drink onto her pretty silver dress.  Though she could not hear what the lady shouted at him over the tunes of the DJ, Eva knew she would be in a lot of trouble if she let the incident play out.  Vaulting the bar, Eva hurried over and shouted an apology as she pulled Jared away.  The lady scowled but did not pursue.  Instead, she joined the line to the bathroom, no doubt to salvage her dress. 

“I didn’t make you jealous, did I?” Jared taunted, wrapping an arm over her shoulder as she guided him back to a barstool. 

“Not at all,” she said. 

Jared laughed, oblivious to the rejection.  “Why don’t you replace my drink and fix one for yourself on me?” he asked. 

Eva smiled.  “I think you’ve had enough to drink tonight,” she said, patting him on the shoulder.  “Why don’t I get you to a skytaxi?  You’re going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow morning.” 

Jared shrugged.  “As long as you come with me,” he said.  “I’ll make it worth your while.” 

Eva chose to ignore those last words and grabbed her purse from behind the counter.  She waved to her manager and gripped Jared’s arm. 

“Okay,” she said.  “Come along.” 

As Eva exited the bar, the cool night air stung her face and nipped at her bare arms.  She was actually somewhat glad to have Jared’s warm arm around her waist. 

“Where are we going?” Jared asked, as Eva took a right down the brightly lit city street.  Advertisements sparkled on the sides of glass skyscrapers, and the head and tail lights of the flying vehicles in the skylanes streaked past overhead. 

“We are going to hail a skytaxi,” Eva answered, patiently. 

“Oh,” said Jared, “we don’t have to do that.  My apartment isn’t that far.  I usually take the subway.”  Jared pointed across the street towards the entrance to the underground.  Several shady types were leaning up against the railing, sharing a joint and hassling passerby’s. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Eva said, but Jared had somehow gotten a good grip on her arm and was leading her across the street towards them.  “Jared,” she warned.  “This place doesn’t look too safe.” 

“Don’t worry,” he said lightly, “those are friends of mine.”  Eva paled as he pointed to the shady types she’d noticed.  What had she gotten herself into? 

“Good,” she said.  “I can leave you in their care, then.”  Eva made to pull loose, but Jared looked at her with a confused expression, and his grip tightened as he stumbled and used her for support. 

“I thought you were going to join us,” he said innocently. 

“I can’t,” Eva said.  “I haven’t completed my shift.” 

“Well, surely you can take a short break.” 

“Hey, Jared!” one of the shady types called as they approached.  “Who’s your girlfriend?” 

“Really,” Eva said quietly to Jared, “I have to be getting back.  My manager is expecting me.” 

“Okay,” he said, nodding, “but let me introduce you to my friends first.  They really are cool people.” 

Eva sighed as Jared greeted his “cool” friends and told her their names.  “This is Eva,” he said.  “She works at the Lunar Bar across the street.” 

“Coolio!” one of the punks exclaimed with a bit more excitement than was normal, “are you like a stripper?” 

Eva coughed.  “Uh, no,” she said, “I’m a bartender.” 

“She’s makes a wicked Wild Thing Cocktail,” Jared bragged, smiling at her sideways. 

“That’s cool too, man.  But she still looks like a stripper.”  The punk eyed her head to toe, taking into special notice the low cut of her silver blouse and the tightness of her distressed jeans.  Eva tensed as he fingered a strand of her dark hair and gazed into her bright green eyes.  “Very pretty,” he said. 

“Well,” Eva said, backing away hastily, “it was so great to meet you guys but I’ve got to get back to work.” 

“Okay, babe,” Jared said, “I’ll invite them into the bar sometime.  We can all hang out after your shift.” 

Eva smiled nervously and turned to go.  She crossed the street warily, but did not look back.  She did not want her glance to be interpreted as an invitation. 

“Great!” she murmured to herself.  “Now, I’m going to have to sneak home the back way, and maybe get a new job and a blaster pistol.” 


© 2011 Alyss Erulisse

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Alyss Erulisse
Alyss Erulisse


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