Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Alyss Erulisse

“I’m telling you, Yugi, that evil spirit of the Ring is back,” Joey said as the gang made their way to Domino High School.  “First someone steals two of your items, and then Bakura just disappears from school.  He’s got to be planning something.” 

“But the Pharaoh defeated him with Slifer in our duel during the Battle City Finals,” Yugi argued.  “His soul was all but disintegrated by Slifer’s blast.” 

“What I don’t understand is why Bakura didn’t try to steal all of your items, Yugi,” Anzu said. 

“You’re right,” Honda agreed.  “It just doesn’t make sense.” 

“So then, maybe it wasn’t Bakura,” said Yugi. 

“Nah, it’s gotta be,” said Joey.  “Why else would he stop coming to school?” 

“That is strange,” Anzu agreed.  “He is such a serious student.  He wouldn’t just skip school for no reason.  Maybe you should visit him, Yugi, and make sure he’s okay.” 

“Yeah,” said Yugi.  “We should at least check on him.  In fact, we could go right now before school.  Isn’t that Bakura’s apartment just across the way?” 

The gang paused in stride and glanced across the street. 

“Yeah,” said Joey, “I think it is.  What number was it again?  666?” 

“Oh, stop fooling around, Joey,” Anzu scolded.  “We all know it was 667.” 

“If I were Ryou, I wouldn’t want to meet the guy that lives next door,” Joey said aside. 

“Right,” said Yugi.  “Come on.”  However, Honda grabbed his arm to stop him before he could cross the street. 

“I don’t think this is a good idea, man,” Honda said.  “Do you remember what happened to us the last time we visited Bakura?” 

“We was all turned into game figures and nearly killed!” Joey exclaimed.  

“Of course, I remember,” answered Yugi, a bit perturbed that his friends were keeping him from making sure Ryou was safe.  “But he’s my friend too, guys.  Ryou was a victim just like the rest of us, if not more so.  He’s risked his life to help us several times, and we owe it to him to make sure he’s okay.” 

“You’re right, Yugi,” said Anzu, pulling at Honda’s shoulder to release him. 

“Of course he is,” Honda said, bowing his head in apology. 

“Oh, man,” Joey said, his voice shaky in panic.  “Why does he always have to be right?  I’m telling ya, you’re not going to find anything good up there.” 

“It’ll be alright, guys,” said Yugi.  “Ryou’s probably just down with a bad bout of flu.” 

The gang glanced about nervously as they crossed the street and climbed the stairs to the apartment their friend shared with his mostly absent father.  They were surprised to find the door partially ajar, though the inside chain was hooked in place. 

“Should we knock?” Anzu asked. 

“No, we should leave,” Joey said. 

“Oh, stop being a chicken!” Anzu scolded. 

“We’ll just call for him through the door,” Yugi said. 

“What if he doesn’t answer?” Joey asked, nervously. 

“Then, he’s not home,” Anzu said, condescendingly. 

“Or he could be sleeping,” Yugi said.  “We’ll just go in, if he doesn’t answer.” 

“Isn’t that breaking and entering?” Honda answered. 

“The door’s already open,” Anzu pointed out.  “It would just be entering.” 

“Bakura?” Yugi called.  “Are you in there?  It’s Yugi.” 

There was no answer even after they had called for the next two minutes. 

“Okay,” said Yugi, “I’m going in.”  Reaching his tiny hand through the gap in the door, he unhooked the chain and pushed the door open.  Then, he switched on the light. 

Beside him, Anzu screamed and Joey cried out in horror. 

“Oh, man,” Honda exclaimed. 

“Oh, no,” Yugi whispered.  He stood frozen in the doorway, his eyes wide with shock.  Before him, the living room was a mess.  A shelf lay toppled over a couch, its contents now a blood-splattered mountain of books, a barstool from the kitchenette lay broken in front of a shattered television screen, and an assortment of kitchen knives stood embedded in the couches and the walls. 

“Wh-what happened here?” Anzu gasped. 

“Someone was murdered!” Joey exclaimed.  “Bakura killed someone!” 

“We should go!” Honda said.  “We should call the police!  Come on, Yugi.” 

“Ryou?” Yugi yelled suddenly, breaking out of his daze.  He dashed into the apartment to his friends’ dismay.  “Ryou!” 

At the end of the left hall, the bathroom light was lit and the door was broken off its hinges.  Yugi ran to the open doorway, and then paused, falling to his knees and weeping. 

“Oh, god,” Joey said, when he reached Yugi’s side.  His face turned a ghastly shade of green, and he promptly puked in the corner.  Honda ran up behind him and held his hair while he was sick, all the while trying to avoid looking upon the gory scene. 

“What is it?” Anzu asked.  “Did you find someone?” 

“Don’t come over here,” Honda warned.  “You don’t want to see this.” 

Despite her friend’s warning, Anzu slowly stepped towards the end of the hall and peered into the bathroom.  She gasped at what she saw.  The mirror was completely shattered over the counter sink, and crimson streaks weaved their way among the shards of glass towards the drain.  This, however, was not what captivated her friends. 

Anzu’s gaze travelled down and a wave of dizziness assailed her.  On the floor, Ryou lay in a puddle of blood.  His wrists had been slashed as well as his throat.  His brown eyes stared into nothingness, and his angelic white hair was stained crimson and splayed across the tiles. 

“Oh, my God,” Anzu whispered.  Falling to her knees, she wrapped her arms around Yugi and began to cry too. 

“Ryou didn’t murder anyone,” she said.  “He only killed himself.” 

© 2011 Alyss Erulisse

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