chapter one: There's a new geek in town

chapter one: There's a new geek in town

A Chapter by dark_angel

how can someone so hot be ohhh so wrong


It was another blistering august morning when Rosalinda Valentine hopped of the plane. The summer had flown by so fast that she could barely believe it was the beginning of the new school year. This year is going to be amazing, she thought as she walked to the luggage terminal. While she thought of her time in Brasília, when she heard “when I was your man” by Bruno mars blaring from her pocket. She checked her Versace watch and noticed how early it was. Who could be texting me at six in the morning? She thought to herself. When she flipped her phone open and gave an exasperated sigh. Brad. Why won’t he just get the hint? As she rapidly texted him back she accidently stumbled into the person ahead of her and spilled all the papers from her summer honors assignment folder. "I’m so sorry sir," she apologized quickly while she crouched down to gather her belongings. "Oh its ok mademoiselle," he replied as he bent over to help. "Thank-you," she said as she peered through her curtain of strawberry blonde hair. Lord almighty, he's gorgeous she thought to herself. "No problem," he replied as he straitened to his full height which only made him more fascinating. His cropped black hair shimmered in the terminals sky lights and his gorgeous eyes shone a beautiful frost bitten color. "I’m Dominic vidâme," he said and extended his hand. God was that an Asian accent? As she looked at him she also noticed he had a weird design on the side of this neck. What is that? She thought to herself. "Hi Dominic, I’m....." she looked at her watch "...late," she waved good-bye and ran toward the exit. Just before she went through the door she looked back and he was watching her. She blew him a kiss and ran out to her mother’s car. "Hi sweetheart, what took you so long?" mom asked.  "Sorry I got a little held up by the terminal," I replied as I riffled through my pocket for my cell. "You ready for school?" Of course I’m not ready! School starts in an hour and I have to go through the hell of pretending to be something I’m not for another two hundred and seventy days. “Yeah mom I’m ready," I told her as I texted Arianna. She had been so excited when I told her I would be back in time for school today and I couldn’t wait to see her. North valley high-school, a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. As mom drove into the parking lot I recalled my very first day here. It was a living nightmare! About a year ago I was smarter than most of the people in my classes. I was a grade ahead of my graduating class but none of that mattered here. In north valley high 'geeks' and 'nerds' are social outcasts and bullying victims. Like in most of California high-schools if your not some celebrity's child, a prodigy, or friends with a celebrity your dead meat. But luckily I met Arianna Scott, daughter of world renound fashion designer and ravens quarterback Felecia and Nicholas Scott. She said I was way to pretty to be a geek and took me under her wing. Since then I’ve been one of the most popular girls in school but to stay that way I have had to act like a complete moron (which is totally harder than it looks). When mom finally parked the car I grabbed my book bag and said my goodbyes. When I reached the sidewalk I scanned the crowd for Arianna when someone grabbed me from behind. "ROSE!" she yelled and doubled over laughing. "Curse you Ari," I muttered while I adjusted my book bag straps. She threw her arm around my shoulder as we strolled to our group.

“So rumor has it that we have some new geeks this year," She exclaimed as she pointed a finger down her throat in emphasis. "Oh my gosh here's one now," she yelled as she jumped up and down in complete and utter joy. As I turned to see who the new unfortunate soul was, to my astonishment it was the guy from the airport. When he looked at me and our eyes met, a slow smile spread across his face. Which in spite, of myself I smiled back and felt as if I was melting into a puddle. “Hey Rose I think some of your brain cells fried while you were in Brasília! Why on god’s green earth are you staring at that loser?" "Yeah rose, why waste your time on a geek when you can have me?" Asked Brett as he snaked his arm around my waist. "Get your filthy hands of me, you perv" I yelled as I slammed me elbow into his side. "What was that for?" Brett asked as I walked away to Dominic. "Hey," he said casually as if we've been friends for a lifetime. “Hey, I didn’t know you were going to school here," I said in reply. I couldn’t help but stare at him. "So, do you have a name or is it 'late'?" he asked teasingly as he reached out to smooth my chaotic mop of hair. "Oh right, I’m Rosalinda Valentine" I said and noticed he was staring at me. "So....who's your homeroom teacher?" I asked and tried to remember mine seeing as my mind was blown away by the fact that he was in front of me again. "I have Mrs. Christensen," he replied without looking at his schedule. "Cool so do I! Need me to show you where the classroom is?" I asked while staring at the tattoo on his neck. "Yeah, thanks" he replied. "Okay meet me at the front door in ten minutes ok and Dominic please be careful," I said as I walked back to my clique. All of a sudden Dominic grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug. "See you around Roza," he whispered in my ear then turned and walked away. "What was that about?" Arianna asked when I got back to our bench. "I met him earlier at the airport. He seems pretty cool," I told her but it wasn’t until I looked up that I saw the disapproval that shone in her eyes in her eyes. “Rose, Rose, Rose, there's no such thing as a 'cool geek' your one or the other! Haven’t I told you that over and over again," she snapped at me. "I was a geek and I’m cool" I countered even though I knew what her rebuttal would be. "Emphasis on the Was Rosalinda! Was!" she yelled but I decided I had enough of this conversation. So I left to find Dominic. “What light through yonder window breaks," Dominic called while acting as if he was Shakespeare’s Romeo. “Stop that Dominic," I told him. "Who art thou Dominic? I am merely Romeo, son of Lord Capulet. Art thou Dominic handsome? Oh he must be if thy lovely maiden is looking for thou," he replied. "Ok I guess Dominic wants to find his own way to homeroom," I replied teasingly. "Ok! I’ll stop Roza," he said quietly.

I grabbed his arm and we went inside the school. "Oh he's such a goner," I thought as we walked to homeroom. But I’ll help him as much as possible. I’ll do what I can to ensure that he is safe here at North valley High and won’t face the same torture I’ve seen bestowed upon the other outcasts. I mean how can anyone not help this charming, witty, naive, Asian boy from becoming the schools newest plaything? Wait! Did I just call him charming?! Oh I’m in trouble now..................

© 2013 dark_angel

Author's Note

im so sorry it took so long for me to publish this chapter. ive been really busy between school and work i havent had the time to post it.

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Added on August 26, 2012
Last Updated on May 28, 2013
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