Chapter 17: A Chained Animal

Chapter 17: A Chained Animal

A Chapter by ewest1220

His body shook as he coughed, spraying blood on the filthy tiles...


Chapter 17: A Chained Animal

Issak snarled loudly as he regained consciousness. His blurry eyes scanning his surroundings desperately. He was in a dimly lit cell. The cracked stone giving way to a rusted iron gate. The screams and shouting on his cellmates echoing down the hallway.

A silent tear fell from Issak's eye as he raised to a sitting position. His shoulder burned and ached uncontrollably. His body shook as he coughed, spraying blood on the filthy tiles.

“I can't remember the last man to be in this cell,” came a voice from the darkness of the hallway.

“Go to hell,” Issak snarled.

“Is that any way to treat your host?” the king said as he stepped into the light.

“Your welcome has somewhat lessened as of late.” Issak jeered.

“Can you blame me, Issak.” The king sighed. “You have left me in quite a fix my friend.”

Issak reached up to nurse his shoulder and was met with the same sickening shock from when the arrow...

“Great,” Issak muttered under his breath. The arrow from last night was still resting soundly between his shoulder blade and spine. Immovable as it was that night.

“I've ripped several arrows from my body.” Issak snarled. “But none such as this. By what twisted mind did this come into existence?”

“It was made by Anri herself,” the king answered carefully. “To protect the king of Shenok Duhl from the damned.”

The air was suddenly torn to shreds by Issak's screams. The arrow pulsing with a sinister red light as Issak writhed desperately on the ground.

“Do not try to use your power,” the king snapped. “The arrow will bring you more pain the closer you get to attaining it.”

“So why then do I live?” Issak shouted, his body still shaking. “To what end will keeping me in this cell serve?”

“That would depend entirely on what end you wish to serve,” the king said softly. “But we have plenty of time to think about that. For now I will leave you with your own thoughts. I will come back when you have calmed your senses.”

Issak spat as the king turned on his heel. A hateful stink hung heavy in the air behind him.

The arrow ceased it's glow and the burning stopped. Issak could feel it's tip resting between him and the power. Whenever he reached for it he instead met the serrated edges of the weapon. He was trapped.


“What are you going to do my lord?” Tao questioned at the entrance to the cells. The king's solemn expression matching his answer.

“I know not,” the king sighed. “Is it safe to have him in the cell for a short while?”

“Every minute we waste is a risk,” Tao answered cautiously. “We do not know when he might loose control.”

“I owe that man a great deal,” the king muttered. “You know as well as I that the Amas have been knocking at my doorstep. Their desire to make my nation in their image has not gone unnoticed. Had my daughter been captured I would have gladly given my crown for her release. The man we now have locked in my dungeons is the reason for the salvation of my daughter and city. This will require a great deal of thought.”

“As you will,” Tao grimaced as she nodded her head in agreement. “How is Elenor?”

“Still shook up,” the king answered sadly. “She will try to reach Issak before the end.”

“Do you wish us to intervene?” Tao questioned.

“I do not think it necessary.” the king answered again. “Had he cruel intentions he would have acted on them before now.”

“You have great wisdom,” Tao said, her teeth clenched.

“You may not agree with me Tao,” the king retorted with a smirk. “But I am still your king and I will not tolerate that tone of voice when it comes to my orders.”

“As you wish,” Tao sighed as the king continued on his way.

“Sweet dreams Issak.” The king sighed. “I'll be back by day's end. Enjoy your rest my foe, my friend.”


"They're gone," Issak thought miserably. "Why did I stay here this long? Why did I attack Elenor? Why…" He sobbed uncontrollably. "Why would Elizabeth rise from my nightmares!?"

He screamed. A scream that shook the walls around him and made his heart quake. A scream that tore the very fiber of his will asunder. A scream of sorrow for the ones he had placed his burden upon. Why had he been so stupid.

"Well well," Tao sneered. "Looks like this beast has a heart after all."

"Go to hell," Issak repeated somberly.

"And yet I wonder," Tao said cautiously. "Why would a Shifter, one of the damned themselves save a human girl. Do you really hate the Amas that much?"

Issak smiled, blood staining his teeth. "The Amas are nothing but a pack of wild puppies. I have more Amas blood on my hands then you would like to know. I do not see them as a threat, one on one they're pathetic."

"They've killed many of your kind," Tao said coldly. "I have half a mind to turn you over…"

Issak laughed manically. His laughter ringing through the halls, dampening all thought of happiness. "You wouldn't dare, you hate them as much as I do. Whatever your thoughts I was actually trying to run away from the Amas. I don't like to spill blood where it isn't needed."

"Fool," Tao said coldly. "There is more to this than you could ever know. You who has learned to control his power. You are a weapon if we choose to make one of you…"

"You would be a fool to!" Issak shouted.

"Would we?" Tao chuckled. "Would we indeed."

Issak's eyes widened in shock at her words. "It's a shame really. All I wanted to do was leave."

Tao snorted, turned on her heel, and left the cold cell. "You're childish," she said as she closed the large iron gate behind her the thud echoing amongst Issak's continued sobs.

© 2013 ewest1220

Author's Note

Another chapter in my exploration. This is a raw chapter on it's first edit. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for all you help you guys rock!

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Okay.. That Tao turned out be evil... -_-
Continue Continue.. Want to know what happens at the end..

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wonderful I cant wait to read more! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wow finally. That's taken long but I understant why now. And like the previous chapters, this is great as well. I know the king has no evil in his heart. Poor Eleanor.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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