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The dark side of life can be a treacherous place for an innocent young life to needlessly end. A path to destruction were many young lives are claimed by the predators who live there. Certainly not a place for a young girl with a 4 .0 average and a schola


       The first time I saw her I thought to myself, where did she come from? She is much too young too vibrant too much full of life to be down here in one of the worst areas in this whole city. She stood out like a sore thumb amongst all the derelicts and junkies. She was bright as a newborn star, quick with a joke and smart as a whip. .Her clothes were clean and fresh and looked  to me as if they were from some  designer like from Macy's or Saks Fifth Avenue. She had flashy gold jewelry and knee-high patent leather boots. If she had landed in Hollywood someone would've swooped her up and put her in the movies immediately. Her well gromed silky long blonde hair, perfect complection,and strait white teeth which all showed that she had been well cared for. With her long sleak beautyfull body made her look like she han just steped off the ramp at a modeling show. As I mentioned before she just didn't belong down there on skid row. I had seen many young women come to skid row to throw thier lives away , but never a jewel like this girl.

      She was a beautiful girl so full of life and so carefree. Many of us regulars stopped and stared knowing how truly out of place she was. All knowing what would happen to her if she did not quickly get out of this area. We've all seen the fresh meat come down here with bright starry eyes and turn into crack w****s within a few short weeks. I knew she was out of my league so I put her out of my mind trying to hold on to a little bit of integrity knowing I never wanted to be the first one to start someone off on their path of self destruction. It may sound strange but I had a policy to never in use or sell drugs to or with anyone who was a virgin to this underground lifestyle. So I went about my day picking up and distributing illegal goods throughout the neighborhood because at that time I was already totally on my path of total destruction killing myself with heroin and cocaine. I did not see her again for several days after that, but I saw her speaking with Gatha one of my best customers and was known as a one woman crime wave in the area so I knew it was just a matter of time before I saw the beautiful blond on my doorstep. 


© 2009 eztransfer

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Added on July 13, 2009
Last Updated on July 14, 2009



denver, CO

I am just an old man who likes to paint,draw and write wile waiting for the grim riper to visit. more..