Stupid Thing Called Love

Stupid Thing Called Love

A Story by fallen.angel.

Story for an assessment.


Stupid Thing Called Love


“No! Shut up! Just shut up alright?! I get it, you’re right. You’re always right!”

“Lyra! Just listen to me for a second! I’m not saying that! I don’t mean it that way!”

“What way do you mean it then? Huh? Tell me Jayson, what do you mean.”

What am I supposed to say?! As he looked at Lyra’s face, he knew that somewhere in the world, a storm was brewing. Jayson threw his hands in the air in exasperation. His feelings were all messed up, his thoughts were in turmoil, and the girl he loves, the first girl he ever loved, wanted to leave him. Inside, he was crying, and as the tears dropped from his heart to land at the bottom of his being, somewhere up high, the angels were crying with him.

“Lyra, I honestly don’t mean that. How do I express myself without you taking my words the wrong way?!”

“You know what? Just forget it. You’re nothing. Nothing at all. I don’t care what you say. Just go. Get out of my sight!” The words struck Jayson like a basketball to the face. He could hear the thunder striking the fields of red tulips in Paris, he could feel the storm tearing away those beautiful tulips that once signified his and Lyra’s love for each other. They were being torn away by their roots.

She didn’t wait for him to reply, she saw that he didn’t want to go; so she did. It was exactly like Lucifer leaving God, all over again. The one that God most trusted, the highest ranking angel, the one that was most important to God, left him. Just like that, because he no longer loved God.

Lyra left Jayson, all because, she no longer loved him. The angels were angry now, they’re yelling at Jayson, urging him to pursue her, to make her understand. But he knew, knew it in his heart, she didn’t want him.


“What did I do wrong? What is it that makes her resent me so much?!” Jayson threw himself onto the bed, burying his face in the pillow.

“Chill mate. It’s not entirely your fault.” Jayson looked over at his computer chair. There perched on it was Hadraniel. This angel was a weird one. He was always popping in and out whenever he felt like it. He carried a mysterious air around him and he always seemed to enjoy poking his nose into Jayson’s love life. But then again, who could blame him, he is the angel of love… Great, I get an angel of love all to myself… that must prove I’m hell lost when it comes to love.

“Sure it ain’t mate. It’s not entirely my fault, just mainly.” He buried his face in the pillow. The sea was calm again, but little waves can be seen crashing against the shore.

“Oh, lighten up would you. You never know, she may be the one for you… or not,” The angel was bobbing up and down in the chair, and swinging from left to right… right to left…

“But she has to be!” Jayson sat up. The birds in the trees were getting excited, their baby brother or sister was about to hatch.

“Is she actually the one?! Tell me, you can see the threads of destiny right?? You can see whether we’re destined or not! Tell me!”

“Nah man, I can’t tell you. Although I can see the threads, it comes with obligations. I’m forbidden to divulge the information with any mortal.”

The egg stopped wobbling from side to side. The birds stopped chirping. False alarm. Jayson scrunched his face up and glared at the stupid angel sitting on his chair.

“Why are you even here? Trying to poke fun at me?”

“Of course not. Unfortunately for you, I know more about love than you ever will. So here I am to share some of my knowledge and wisdom with you.” He was grinning, like those creepy clowns at the fairs.

“Oh, want to share your knowledge? You should tell me whether or not Lyra and I are destined, and if you can’t do that much, then leave me alone.”

“You know I can’t tell you. And I ain’t going anywhere mate. He twirled around in the chair, again, and again.

Jayson had enough of the angel. He got up, placed his hand on the chair and looked Hadraniel right in the face.

“Leave. Before I get angry. Come back tomorrow.” His tone was menacing, and the sea was disturbed. The waves were growing, they crashed onto the shore repeatedly… like multiple slaps to the face.

“Whoa, ok mate. Calm down. I’m going. I’m going.” And with that, he disappeared.

Jayson let out a sigh.

Please let me forget about her…


“Jayson! Jay-son!”

“What??” he came running over to where Ever was sitting.

“Look! Up there!” she pointed upwards towards the sky.

“I don’t see anything…” Jayson gazed at where she was pointing, only to find a blob of nothingness.

“Oh my gosh. Give me your hand!” she grabbed his hand and guided him to the thing she was trying to point out.

“Do you see it now?? Just focus!” Ever was getting excited, and Jayson was trying very hard to find the source of her excitement.

Jayson doubted he could see whatever it was that Ever was trying to show him, even if he did focus. He focused and focused until… he finally saw what it was that Ever was pointing out.

“A heart? Made of clouds? Really”

“Yes! Don’t you think it’s beautiful??” she was definitely excited. And so were the birds in the tree.

“… it is. But, what has it got to do with me?”

“… Well… I was thinking… it kinda looks like your heart… big, warm and fluffy. Full of love and care…” she was gazing down at her hands now… why?

“Ummm… thanks. But hey! Do you see? There’s something else in the heart! Like… a little bird?” The birds were definitely excited now. They were chirping so loudly that even the squirrels in New York can hear them.

“… There is! It’s… a bird… hey, that’s a robin!” exclaimed Ever.

“What?!” Jayson looked back at the heart. “It is! Isn’t that your symbol?!”

“Yeah…” Ever drifted off in thought.

That’s when it clicked for Jayson.

“I told you so, maybe, maybe not.” Hadraniel whispered in his ear, and the angel was gone, as quickly as he had come. And then, the egg hatched, and out came a beautiful red robin.


© 2012 fallen.angel.

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