A lonely lonely heart

A lonely lonely heart

A Poem by Fanciful Goddess

A poem I wrote bout 4 years ago maybe 5...It was insipired by a Sailormoon song Watshi-tachi naruritakute..LOVE THAT SONG!!!! Hope you like it...THis is one of my favorites ..I dont know why. (^_^)









Have You ever felt so lonely?

Waiting for the day when,

I'm in your heart.

I'm Waiting for the day when I'm in your arms.

Lonely lonely heart.

A lonely lonely heart.

Till the day,

I have a lonely lonely heart.

Pretty love songs fill my head and

saddness in my heart.

Oh will I ever feel the joy?

Oh my baby baby love.

Sing a lonely lonely heart.

Joy and love is forever.

Never been able to say my feelings.

Should I tell you my feelings?

Should I tell you my

lonely lonely heart,

is longing for you?

My heart is bursting by a lonely, icy spike

That hurts.

Have you ever felt such a

lonely lonely heart?

Living without you is unthinkable and


Sing a Pretty pretty song.

Fairytales are the love that's inside.

I feel beautiful.

Full of life laughter and love.

The icy spike has chains,

that squeezes the life out of you.

Making it difficult to breath.

Down pours of tears will  fall,

When I'm think of you.

Baby baby love my

lonely lonely heart .

Tears fall like rain.

Deadly tears of love inside me.

My baby baby love.

Love me so

Oh baby baby love.

Icy needles of lonely uncertainty creep

up and down.

My baby baby love.

A cold perilous world filled with

dangers of heartbreak.

Oh my baby baby love.

Oh my lonely lonely heart.

Silly fool.

I'd do any thing for you .

Oh my baby baby love.

Say you love me,

Never stop.

My baby baby love.

My lonely lonely heart will end.

Oh baby baby love.

I feel a Lonely lonely heart.

Wanna be lonely no more.

My lonely lonely heart.

Let the tears end.

Let us be together.

Unbreak my

Lonely lonely heart.

Your my everything.

Never felt this way for anyone.

You we're always gonna be my love.

Till the day I sing the same sad love song,

lonely lonely heart.

Till the day I sing same sad

Lonely lonely heart.

You will always be inside my heart.

Hope I have a place in your heart to.

Now and forever.

My heart is bursting.

The icy spike chain is bursting my heart.

Will you unbreak my heart?

Lonely lonely heart

I'm in love in the dark

I'm in love till the end.

I want someone wise.

To know life is a fairytale.

Will the happy ending ever come,

To me and embrace me so tight?

Heavenly love burst my heart into happiness.

lonely lonely hearts,

Find love someday.






















© 2010 Fanciful Goddess

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Indeed, it is a song. I think stanzas would make it far more enjoyable. Nice material, why not make it easier for the eye to read and min to appreciate? Apart from that and a few minor grammatical mistakes, good job

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow its a nice poem but it really sounds more like a song.
Maybe cause it was enspired by a song.
Its good though.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is cool. The picture goes along with the poem. Btw,is it a poem, or a song?

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love it- and the picture adds to the poem.
It is like a love song
Great job!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

nice! (i absolutely LOVE the song, btw) i really like the flow of the poem, and i like how you made some of the phrases larger font, it really draws more meaning to them. nice job! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

Cute poem! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Fanciful Goddess

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