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My Naruto fanfic idea I wanted to share

A girl named Brandy Hatake is a fanfic character. She's Kakashi's daughter.

 she's by far most beautiful ( kunoichi) female  ninja.

 She has long pink hair in pigtails .Has mole onside of cheek She has really big b***s Almost like  basket balls lil bit bigger .one of the most powerful ninja.
( she looks a lot like my profile pic of Rini from sailor color only her eyes glow)

She can copy Jutsu and is fast learner.

Has tiny mood swings but is cute ( moe)

one Jutsu she has is  kinda like Ino's only she dosenot go in body but can make me do what ever she want.
And proves to be great for gathering info.the Jutsu can make a person kill sum1 on own team.
She also has healing powers ..but she has to kiss to heal.

She loves to fight.

And she's has a pet named chakra a, talking fox ..

Shes also in love with Naruto  since childhood.she's freakishly obsessed  with him.
She calls him Master Naruto.Calls herself Master  Narutos wife.

Another new  ninja and  good friend to Brandy is Chitsu Kasasu .she has an attraction  to both Naruto and Brandy. Tries to get them together.In more ways than one.. Lol

Kisha Momo  is another new ninja she's really ugly like a frog..she farts  alot.

Samoko kuru  is a guy that in my fanfic I used the Naruto+Sasuke kiss accident from 2nd episode.
But what he doesn't know its mostly him bumping Naruto into someone .it makes it look like a kiss.
Samoko gets mad at it.

And as being a fanfic a make it where the have a scroll that is activated by chakra to not let anyone die.
So they can train and  spar.. My version dose not have much travel in it ...mostly stay in village.

That what my fanfic is mostly about. 

© 2012 Fanciful Goddess

Author's Note

Fanciful Goddess
Please ignore grammer n punctuation.Tell me what you think?!

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Its alright keep up the good work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Fanciful Goddess

9 Years Ago

ty so much!

9 Years Ago

Can you also read my other fanfictions they are also about naruto! :)
Sounds great to me. You have something here! ^^

Posted 9 Years Ago

Fanciful Goddess

9 Years Ago

i was just wondering if it was good plot i thought it was cool.

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Added on June 30, 2012
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