Creepiest Dream

Creepiest Dream

A Story by Kevin Chelsea

The worst dream I remember having.


     The one I had the other night was pretty messed up. Somebody stole my motorbike and I hunted him down and he ended up in pieces, I buried him with a bloody shovel. I left out all the gory details. I blame that damn "necro" post somebody made, those images didn't do my mind any good at all. But that wasn't the worst one.

     Neither is this one, I just never told anybody about it because I don't remember a lot of it. One fine day I got a body pillow and the first few times I slept with it, and there's no way to say that without sounding sad and creepy, at least it doesn't have an anime picture on it. I had some really weird dreams because of the pillow.

     Anyway, it was getting to be morning and it gets kind of cold in here if the fire goes out. You know how your surroundings can seep into your dreams? I must have rolled over and took hold of my cold pillow. In my severely messed up dream, I was digging up a torso beside a creek bed. It was cold, armless, legless, and headless. I cuddled up beside it right there in the weeds. Needless to say, I was a bit disturbed when I woke up. Although, my knee did stop hurting while I slept so that's a positive to sleeping with it I guess.

     I also had really regular dreams about zombies when I was younger, they were pretty violent. They weren't that bad though, more action and adventure than horror. The flooding and tornado dreams were worse. I had stressful teenage years, actually had to go to the hospital because I had ulcers. Doctor told me I had to take it easy.

     And since I'm not counting the night terror dreams, here's my worst dream that I remember.

     It was, I actually know the date, but don't want to look it up right now, was some time in the summer. I have this weird recurring dream. They're not all the same, but they take place in the same dream world. They all have this one "thing" in common. I don't know why I think this, but it comes from the place where I write stories. The most common theme of those dreams is being stuck in a big city with nowhere to sleep, but I wind up staying over at a buddy's apartment. He's always staying in this highrise building and the rooms are always different, but the same. Seems like there's always ghosts or something in those places.

     The common thing in all these dreams is this one kid. "It" looks like a girl about 10 or 11 years old, but that's just the way it wants to look. She's the one that can totally f**k up the worlds in all my dreams with just her thoughts. I know because in that same dream world, in another dream, she blew away the entire city. It's like she called down a asteroid or some other means of rubblizing a city. There were things running around killing people and I ran to this burnt out skeleton of a building to hide. There were people already there, we were trying to hide while the building was still burning down around us. Outside, there was an army of alien things marching by.

     I'm just explaining about this "girl" who is god of those fucked up worlds.

     The last dream I had about her was the worst. It started out, I was riding around town with my folks, they were dropping off this indian guy at a hotel. Riding in the car was my folks, the indian, my niece's dad, my brother, and me. Dad, my brother, and the indian got out at the hotel. The rest of us had to go and find this damn kid and give her a ride home. It was fall, before the snows came, but still too chilly out.

     Mom took the passenger's seat and I sat in the back. My niece's dad is a really talkative, loud guy so he's yammering away while he's driving. Mom and I are exchanging looks. We know not to f**k around with this kid because she's not right. Wrong? No, that's not the right word, the word 'unconnected' keeps coming to mind. To her, we're all just play things that don't matter. She can be sadistic if she wants and it won't matter. All it would take is her thoughts to create a nightmare for everybody in that dream world.

     Mom is being mom, she's really nice. She's looking around and telling stories, but I'm starting to get worried. I know the girl is not going to like our talkative driver. He's going to get us all killed, and that's if we're lucky. I'm sitting in the back and I'm trying to warn him.

      "Look, you have to be quiet when we pick this kid up. I know she looks like a little kid, but if you don't shut-up, you're going to get us all killed."

     "Yeah, I know what you mean!" He counters my warning with a hearty laugh and more banal chatter.

     Oh f*****g hell, mom fires a worried look my way again. She's still telling happy stories, but she's worried because this a*****e is going to punch our ticket to hell. I'm sitting in the back and just getting more and more scared. I'm still trying to explain to the guy about how bad it can get. He thinks I'm joking and just keeps blathering on. Then mom points and I look, there's the girl walking alone.


     I look over and she looks like a normal kid. Mom gets out and tells her to come and get into the car. I know mom's scared, but she still sounds like she's happy to see the girl. Meanwhile, this dumb a*s is still talking loudly about nothing. I look again, the girl is standing there listening to mom and I see the kid's face. It's just a blank stare. She had a coat on with her hood up so her face was framed by fake fur. But as my eyes start to look back towards where we're going, her face changes. I see what she really looks like. Her face isn't really her face, forehead to chin is covered with spider eyes.

I wake the f**k up and couldn't go back to sleep after that.

© 2012 Kevin Chelsea

Author's Note

Kevin Chelsea
This is from my blog, it's a dream I had a while back. And yep, the damn thing still is part of my dreams sometimes. Doesn't always make an appearance, but I know she's around.

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And you still manage to fall asleep? ? ? ?

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