Girly who?

Girly who?

A Poem by Fear Corrupts!

    Copyright(c) Molly MacDermaid (Fear Corrupts!) 2008.






Girly who?


  *      Ha, pathetic Girlies.

        "Users" would be one of your titles.

        Climb'r up  ^ ^ ^

        Appearance ever so vital.


                               * *     Girly, Girly, Girlies.

                                      Attached by the hip eh?

                                     "Friends forever"

                                     Phh, whatever you say.


            * * *  Ha, true ladies,

                  live to learn independently.

                 Girly, Girly, Girlies,

                 lose their brains purposely.



                              * * * *      Oh wow.

      Don't you just love being predictable?

      Is'nt it nice,

      being just another "typical"?


* * * * *    Well,

            what's society without conformity?

            You Girlies keep it up,

             one day you'll see!


                                     * * * * * *        Ha. Ha. Ha.

                  Oh Girlies.

                 Get some back bone,

                 & well you're at it,

                grow a mind of your own!


         * * * * * *Girly what?

Girly when?

                 Girly where?

                               Girly who?


Note to self: ghual, leef ton dab, neam hturt, tey evitcurtsnoc. sgniteerg ssirk!





© 2008 Fear Corrupts!

Author's Note

Fear Corrupts!
Sorry, Girlies, I'm on a rant!
CONFORMITY, topic of the month!

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Yeah I've noticed a lot of poems about conformity :P
Girly, girly, girlies.
liked it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I second that. Why is it so awesome to be fondling eachother..Or wearing eachothers clothes. I like my space. And yeah, conformity sucks.. Since when do I need to be like you.. No thanks, pass.

Oh yeah, the poem. Lol, good write with some imagery and a sardonic tone, which was amusing. I also like the term, "girlies" for those type. A + job, write on.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 8, 2008
Last Updated on October 8, 2008


Fear Corrupts!
Fear Corrupts!

Wastedville, Canada

''Often what defines one's wisdom is not what one knows, but what one can predict " "Don't let other people determine your actions or alter your personality. Your reputation belongs to you, and is .. more..