To my ex:

To my ex:

A Story by Lonely Gurl

What my f****n ex fiance did to me. and said


To my ex: I love how you try to bring me down. I love your pathetic attemps. They dont affect me anymore. You wont bring me down. F**k you.You know who you are. You know that if you say anything to me. ill rip you to shreds. You know im stronger than you. I dont need you in my life. So why bother trying to interfer wit it? Hmmmmm heres and idea get the f**k out before I make you. You lost your chance to be anything in my life. Say I'm a w***e and ill prove you wrong cuz I know what happend you dont. I know the truth. I know who the liars are. And for you to believe them over me. That is bullshit. Never once did I think you ... would betray me like that. Josh you were wrong and always will be. You made a huge mistake. Im worth everything to alot of people. And for you to just think im trash is wrong. Im everything you will never be. Im a better person. o conitnue on with your pathetic attemps to try to bring me down they wont. O and since you think it would be great if i killed myself your wrong. That should be you not me. Ive got things to live for you dont. If you must try to ruin my life,go ahead. I wont argue with you anymore.Ima stand tall...  and hold ma head up high, and just look rite through you. You could of been someting in my life. But now your nothing but a memory. and it will stay that way. I wish things were different.but its good bye.No more fighting no more nothing. Call me when you got a conscience.

© 2010 Lonely Gurl

Author's Note

Lonely Gurl
This really happened and ima finally taking a stand beofre its to late and their will be a picture of my ex and me it is of what use to be of use

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awwwww sad but wonderful

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is great good job of geting you're emotions out

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 15, 2010
Last Updated on May 15, 2010


Lonely Gurl
Lonely Gurl

Kenosha, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Hi my name is Isabella. I am 15 years old. I live with my grandparents. My parents abandoned me. I am different from everyone else. I am independent, trustful, honest, kind, a b***h, bipolar, suicidal.. more..