Love and heart break

Love and heart break

A Poem by Lonely Gurl

A smile

An easy thing to create, but only takes a second for it to be gone.

Laughter the only thing hiding your secret.

Everday you laughter covers up the whole in your heart.

The smile on your face, is showing your secret to the world.

Everday is an act.

You have created your own little world.

Trapped  in your lies.

Your lies consume you.They take over you, and control you.

All beacause of love.

So ya you were in love with the guy and gave him all you had.

He was your first boyfriend.

Your first kiss.

Your first love.

Your everything.

Every kiss you shared made your heart skip a beat.

Everytime you touched you got butterflys.

You could look into his eyes and know he was right for you.

He held you.

Kissed you.

Told you he loved you.

And said you were the on for him.

You believed him.

But things were never ment to last.

Ya sure you cryed.

You may have cryed over a million tears.

One by one they fell down your face.

Until you could cry no more.

Your heart was ripped,torn,and destroyed.

You now live in a little world of heart break and depression.

Your left alone, while he is off with other girls.

It kills you to see him.

But get over it.

He never cared or loved you.

He only used you when it was convient.

Your broken right now.

It will take time to heal.

But it will be worth it.

But for now your left with a hole, but it will soon be filled.


© 2010 Lonely Gurl

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Added on July 9, 2010
Last Updated on July 9, 2010


Lonely Gurl
Lonely Gurl

Kenosha, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Hi my name is Isabella. I am 15 years old. I live with my grandparents. My parents abandoned me. I am different from everyone else. I am independent, trustful, honest, kind, a b***h, bipolar, suicidal.. more..

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