A Story by KYARORU//

A girl comes across a boy and sees something in which he cannot escape. Will she be able to help him in time or will it be too late?



“Alex, are you ready to go to your new school?” My mother asked me as I only stared across the living room, my focus directly on T.V. “Alex?” I looked towards my mother and nodded once. She smiled her never-ending smile and picked up my pink backpack that lay ontop of the sofa next to me. “Come on.” She turned off the T.V. and I hopped off the sofa, following my mother close behind.


We both arrived to my new school. I didn’t like going to new schools very much. There wasn’t a reason why either. Only fate will guide me through the doors of my path. I met the office lady and she was typing in information about me. My name. My age. Birthday. And other stuff. I didn’t really want to listen to what my mom and the lady were talking about, so I walked out of the office and sat on the bench beside the door.


A couple more minutes before my mom came out with a strange lady. “Alex, right?” I nodded and she smiled. “Follow me to your class then.” I nodded and waved goodbye to my mother and followed the lady. “Mrs. Croswell.” The lady called. Mrs. Croswell turned around and smiled. “This is Alex. She’ll have classes with you today.” Mrs. Croswell bent to my height.


“I’m Mrs. Croswell. Are you excited to be in a new school?” She asked nicely as I shook my head. She only laughed and nodded. “Wait here. I’ll put the spotlight on you.” She winked at me and walked in as I stood at the door. The lady whispered to me that I should enter when Mrs. Croswell announced about me. I nodded once and she went back to the office. “Okay class. Before we begin, we have a new student.” I guess that was time for me to enter.


I walked in through the door as I watched everyone stare at me. “Tell them your name sweetie.” She asked cheerfully. I didn’t know if I wanted to speak. But I should. Mother said that I should always speak when spoken to and never speak when asked. Something like that.


“Alex.” I said quickly. A boy stood up and pointed at me.


“That’s a boy’s name!” He started laughing, but that didn’t really affect me by any means. I’ve been laughed at before, and it isn’t going to bring me down. I stood still, bored out of my mind. This class doesn’t seem as interesting as the strange lady that worked in the office described to me on the way to the classroom. It’s sort of boring already.


“Hector! Don’t be so mean to Alex!” Mrs. Croswell sighed after everyone started to join with the kid, Hector. They all laughed at me. I scanned the room to know the faces of my peers and saw one boy that didn’t laugh at me at all. That got me curious. He sat still and only looked at his desk, as if he doesn’t exist in this world at all. Like a ghost that was lost. Mrs. Croswell yelled in a nice tone, but no one listened to her, so she called the principal down. I don’t think it is going to be a pretty sight for my peers.



“Go sit over there, next to Adrian.” Mrs. Croswell pointed to the boy that wore all blue. He had all brown hair and bright blue eyes. I found it fascinating. I sat down next to him. A thought occurred to me and I was going to voice it now.


“How come you didn’t laugh too?” He looked at me and only put on a smile. That wasn’t an answer.


“I don’t know. It wasn’t funny.” He has a good point, but then again, it could’ve been funny. I smiled back to him and looked at the ceiling. I remembered my old school. I had three friends.


“My school was all green and white. The ceiling and walls were green.” I wish this school were like that too. It’s rare to have a green ceiling. But that is what makes it so cool.


“And the floor?” He asked. It was simple. If the walls and ceiling were green, the only color left for the floor is white, right?


“White.” I simply answered, facing back to him.


Five Years In The Process Of A Lovely Friendship


I grabbed a crayon and started to finish coloring the last petal on my flower. “What are you planning on doing on summer break?” Adrian asked.


“I don’t know.” I answered. “I’m only eleven. Why question me with such hard questions?” Truth was, I was moving. I wasn’t going to tell him that. It would break his happiness. I only cared because he was the first to not laugh at me. My old friends laughed at me, but still, they were still good to me.


“Its just summer…” he pouted, pursing his lips up. It wasn’t that convincing. I have seen him smile so many times. I’ve only ever smiled the first time I became friends with him. Or not. It is distant, but smiling isn’t something I’d like to do very much. I’ve bored most of the time. You never really see a happy, mad, sad, or whatever emotion on my face. A smile doesn’t really mean happy. It just means a forced motion on your lips.


“What are you doing, Adrian?” I looked over to him and then to his plate of candy. Not resisting the urge of stealing his food, I popped a marshmallow into my mouth. Sticky.


“Hey! You have your own!” He pulled his plate away from me and closer to him, acting greedy. But I didn’t really care because he always pretended to be like that. It was really easy to read him. He’s like an open book.


“No I don’t.” I pointed to my empty plate and he laughed. After he was done laughing, he smiled and handed his plate to me, but I only placed it in the middle. It was his candy, so it’s only fair that we share.


“We can share.” He told me, even though it was pretty obvious since I put in between us.


“Mm…” I answered, coloring the border of my flower. “Hey, when’s your birthday again?” I asked. I remember asking him, but I just can’t put the answer in my head. For some reason, birthdays are always harder for me to remember. He smiled at me.


“January twenty-four.” I nodded and handed him my flower. It was late, but I’m sure he’ll accept it. His birthday present from me is finally given to him. I know he’s going to be happy.


“This is cool.” I stretched my arms across the table and laid my head down.


“No it isn’t. You don’t have to lie.” Right now, I’m feeling so tired. I don’t know why. I went to bed just like my mother asked me to. Eight thirty. I usually go to sleep around nine or ten, but yesterday was an unusual day. My father was home.


“This is your only gift you’ve ever given me, Alex. Of course it is.” I opened my eyes and stared at him. Is he really telling me the truth? I may be able to read out people, but on occasions there are times that I cannot read the truth or lie.


Six Lonely Years Apart


I had moved that summer, like I remembered. On the last day of school, I told him goodbye. I remember looking at him right in the eyes and saying, “I’ll see you one day, Adrian. I’m going away,” with such confidence I felt proud that day. I got in the car and my mother drove off. Truth was, we only moved a couple of streets down from our old house. But the reason of that made me go to another middle school since I was in another district.


I didn’t really have any contact with Adrian except seeing him at school, so I guess it shouldn’t really matter. We’ll see each other again, like I said. I yawned at Mrs. Luna looked her way towards me. “No yawning in class. Finish your work, then you can sleep.” She scolded. What’s the difference? It’s still the same. The bell rang and I stuffed my books into my arms and walked out the door. I didn’t feel up to listening to her talk to me, so it was best for me to leave quickly before she could call me.


Mrs. Luna just likes picking on me for some reason. My only reason that I can figure out is that what I say is likely true. Like before, I can read the hardest person like a kindergarten book. As I reached Mr. Hampton’s room, a couple of guys were laughing and I bumped into someone. “Sorry.” He quickly, but before he was able to place eyes directly to mine, I stepped in the room.


Adrian. After all these years, we finally meet once more. But, upon impact, I read something I didn’t want to see. His death. My heart was pounding. I wanted to get the thought out of my head. I really wanted to. His death was of none that I’ve ever seen, but it pained me.


“Dude, she’s hot.” I heard the guy Adrian was with whisper. I grabbed my Physics book and opened it to a random place, trying to not eavesdrop on their conversation about me.


“She…she looks like…”


“Alex.” He said, cutting Adrian off. “I have third with her.” Third… hm… maybe it was Jason. It sounds a bit like Jason. “Do you know her or something?”


“I’m not sure.” I wanted to stop listening, but I couldn’t. I wanted to hear Adrian’s voice again.


“I’ll tell you one thing though. She’s not normal.” What? “Every time you try to talk to her, she looks you straight in the eye and says, ‘go away.’ And that just creeps me out.” Adrian laughed. I missed his laughs. His smiles.


“That is normal.” After that, the warning bell rang, indicating the kids to get to class before they are late to class. I hope I don’t meet Adrian. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any class with him.


I sat down in the front row of last period and noticed Adrian. I didn’t think I had class with him. I was wrong, really off. He approached me. I didn’t want to talk to him, let alone look at him right now. It gives me headaches just thinking about him now. “Don’t ask me.” I quickly said. Knowing him, he probably wouldn’t listen anyway.


“Why were you hiding yourself from me?” I knew it.


“I said don’t ask me.” I heard him give off a small sigh. I knew he wasn’t going to give up. He’s not the kind of guy that gives up on things as enormous as this. He’ll put it off, then ask at another time.


“Why are you pretending like our friendship never existed?” He wanted answers from me and I wasn’t going to give him any. Not after what I read from our encounter in Physics. I don’t think I should reveal that to him. He’s going to panic, I just know it.


“Can’t we just be friends again?” He said a couple of seconds later. The bell rang, saving me some short time. I stood up and grabbed my books, aiming to walk out that door without talking to him any more than I have to. Adrian grabbed my arm before I could take my leave. “Please?” I blocked out his plead and tugged my arm, quickly leaving for the day.


I got to class the next day and noticed that Adrian’s seat was empty. I hoped he didn’t encounter his fate today. It wasn’t supposed to be until eleven years from now, and he’ll be like twenty-eight or something. The door opened and Adrian entered the class, handing a slip of paper to Mrs. Howard. He sat down beside me and I looked away from him, not speaking to him. I kept my concentration directly on the microscope. Please don’t speak to me.


“Look, I’m sorry.” My eyes widened, a realization coming to me. I quickly glimpsed at him, then back to the lens of the microscope. I furrowed my eyebrows. It already happened. Speaking to him will only make my heart break.


“Alex.” Maria called out to me as I watched her jog her way over to me. “Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday. I had a doctor’s appointment and I just decided to not come.”


“I know.” She smiled and put her arm around my shoulders.


“I’m glad you understand.” It was really easy to become friends with Maria once she cheered up from being dumped. She was desperately looking for a friend and found me. Out of all people, she chose me because I was different. Just like what Jason said. “So, what’s on your mind?” I couldn’t tell her the truth. She may be close to me, but that isn’t something I’m willing to give away so easily. She won’t believe me until three days from now. She’ll think I killed him. I wasn’t going to risk that at all.


“Nothing much. Just bored.” Maria laughed.


“I knew it.” Her grin on her face barely ever moved, just like mother’s.


Every time Adrian approached me, I unintentionally become uncomfortable around him. He just doesn’t know when to stay away, does he? I keep glaring at him, hoping it would work. He’ll disappear soon enough anyways. Soon enough.


Days later, I started to notice that Adrian was starting to realize that he was being overlooked. No one acknowledged his presence. It was true. It really did happen. I clenched my teeth together and closed my eyes, shoving tears away before it leaked out. It’s time to tell him the truth. I should’ve said it to begin with. I really should have.


I regret it so much. So much. When Adrian exited Mr. Hampton’s room, I stood infront of him, my arms clenched and my eyes directly towards the ground. I don’t feel worthy of looking him straight in the eye. But then again, he wouldn’t know how I feel.


“Alex?” He said, starting the conversation. I couldn’t hold in my tears any longer and looked at him, tears blurring my vision.


“I’m sorry.” I breathed out, sadness finally overlapping my feelings of boredom. I’ve held in so many of my emotions since I was young that it felt so weird to show someone that I cared for my emotions. It was weird. He moved towards me, but I took a step back. A tear fell down my face from my left eye. His hand rose to wipe the tear, but instead, I held his hand in mine. “But you have to go now.” How can I break it down so it wouldn’t shock him as much? I’m pretty sure there’s no easy way out of this. I’ve gotten this far already.


“What do you mean, go?” I bit my lip, tears trailing the first. I closed my eyes. I tried so hard to hold my tears back and at the same time, I tried to tell him the truth that was unsaid. The bell rang and I pulled him in one direction, taking him out of school. I’m going to bring him to his grave. It’s time he realize it.


A couple of minutes of walking, we arrived at his grave. “Adrian, you’re dead.” From the corner of my eye, I could see him frozen. He couldn’t say anything, let alone move. I looked at him with so much sorrow and regret. I should have warned him, yet I let my stubbornness kill him.


“No, you’re lying.” He said, finally gaining some movements back into his body.


“Why would I lie to you?” It was probably the fact that I ignored him in the first place that he won’t believe me now.


“I don’t know.” He looked at the ground and laughed. “Maybe you just wanted to piss me off so I would stop bothering you?” We had eye contact once more. His bright blue eyes dimming.


“But I’m not!” I reached out for his arm, but he moved it away from me. This is what I deserve for being a bad friend. It was probably meant to happen.


“If you didn’t want to stay friends, you didn’t have to make such a drastic decision by telling me this way, you know? You could’ve just told me!” He was practically yelling at me from start to end. I cried so much in those seconds. Tears and grief aroused me with so much pain. He couldn’t say anything else. Neither could I. I was too heartbroken to say anything. So was he.


My first happiness.


My first crush.


My first love.


I didn’t know any other way to explain to him. “You’ve noticed how people started to ignore you after the day of the accident, right?”


“Yeah, so?” He acted like he didn’t care anymore. I’m pretty sure he’s just denying it.


“You died that day.” I told him. “Your ghost finished the rest of your day off, and that’s what you are currently. Everyone just didn’t see you anymore.” He doesn’t believe me. I can tell from the look of his face.


“Then how come you can see me?” I fixed my eyes to the ground. How many times do I have to explain it?


“Because like Jason said, I’m not a normal girl.” He looked at me like I was crazy. “From day one, when we first met, I saw your future.” Heh, this was right. I too, denied everything. Every vision. Every thought. I saw everything a normal person cannot see. I saw the death of others. I saw the lives of others. I saw the pain. Horror. Experience. Everything. I know everything there is to know of a person I lay eye contact with.


But, there was the occasional time where I was mistaken.


No one is perfect.


“So if you saw it, you knew I died. So you befriended me out of pity.” That wasn’t true. He looked at me with disgust. My heart broke even more. It wasn’t true.


“Yes.” I lied. “But, I…” He stopped midway from turning around. He wanted to hear the rest of my sentence. I was happy. “You didn’t laugh at me.” He smiled and caressed my cheek. “Goodbye.” He disappeared, unwillingly leaving me as tears rose in my eyes again. I should’ve realized the truth when I first saw him. Yet I was so young that I shoved it from thought.


I can turn off this reading if I wanted to, and I did. But why didn’t I warn him before it actually happened? I’m to blame…



© 2008 KYARORU//

Author's Note

Hm....nothing to say.
Yeah, so I hoped you like this short story. Plus, it sort of goes with Unwritten. Yup. But if you haven't read that, then yeah...you don't really have to. This story is just in Alex's point-of-view.

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i thoroughly enjoyed that work, very heartfelt in many ways and I could feel it
very good job(:

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Story by KYARORU//