A Chapter by Samantha-Lee

What if you dreamt of your death? Cam does. In infinite detail.


I woke up. Rained pattered against my window. I sat up, turning off the same annoying radio announcer. Another dreaded day at school. I hauled myself out of bed and trudged across to the bathroom. I didn’t like what I saw there.

The ride to school was uneventful, just as my weekend had been. Aside from the usual family squabbles and my lack of musical inspiration. I entered the school feeling more uneasy than usual and made my way to my homeroom, pulling out the books I needed for my first lesson as I went.

The lessons passed, one after another. I paid no attention. I daydreamed, dividing my stares between the rain outside the window and the orange glint of Katie’s hair in my peripheral vision. I scribbled on my page, though what I wrote wasn’t class notes:

Why you keep hurtin’ me?

Why don’t we try?

If it don’t work, it don’t mean goodbye.


I failed the quiz in fifth period.

When I got home I was wet. Sopping. I got to my room and grabbed my guitar, the music came, it filled me, and I played. My sister interrupted, catapulting into my room, demanding to know what I was playing. I shoved her hard and slammed the door. I could hear her crying from inside.

I let the guitar rest against the bed and wandered downstairs, when I couldn’t find her I fell onto the couch and turned the TV on. It was only the news. I tuned it up anyway. Mum was in the kitchen, preparing dinner and complaining about how late dad was coming home, when he walked through the front door. He took one look at me; reclined, wet, with the television so loud. That was all it took.

He slammed the door, throwing his briefcase aside and striding toward where I sat in the front room. Yelling. We were both yelling. I stood up, my eyes leveled with his and the argument heated up. He raised his hand, and I felt the sharp sting as his palm connected with my face. I turned for the door. Everything after that happened more quickly than anything I had ever experienced.

The last thing I heard was the screeching of metal against wood as the truck ploughed though the front wall. The last thing I saw was the abyss of headlights. Then everything was gone.



© 2010 Samantha-Lee

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wow. is that the end? if so thats rather sudden, ha. good, good chapters, storyline, wording, ect.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 26, 2010
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A Chapter by Samantha-Lee

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A Chapter by Samantha-Lee

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A Chapter by Samantha-Lee