A Poem by Fenix Flight

Family fueds

Was your spotlight more important?
I felt like it was more loved
So much I felt guilty about my own

I didnt get to appreciate mine
Because I was more concerned about yours.
Why couldnt they have been happy
For two brightly shining lights?

I didnt get to feel happy
Because I was to busy crying
For fear of dimming yours

And when Mine shattered
And plunged me into darkness
You took yours and fled
Becoming the single once again.

You say you were afraid
That I would resent it and hate it
But that could NEVER Happen.

But Im starting to hate YOU
Im starting to resent YOU

resenting you for making me feel guilty for having my own.
Hating you for fleeing when I lost mine

Shouldnt we have been happy
For two brightly shining stars?
Instead of everyone pitted against me
Where you could do no wrong?

You soaked up the spotlight
Truat me there was no room for anyone else
Even if they had tried.

I hid mine under the grime
Dulling it and making it seem unimportant

And Im sorry "sweet" girl
But I HATE you for it

© 2017 Fenix Flight

Author's Note

Fenix Flight
Im sorry if this hurts you but it needed to be said

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Added on October 13, 2017
Last Updated on October 13, 2017


Fenix Flight
Fenix Flight

Kingdom Of Amythest, ME

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