Memory of something I loved

Memory of something I loved

A Poem by Ediblewhisper

I figured that it was better than saying goodbye. It was saying hello to why I said hello in the first place.



The dark hair falling in tangles cupping your angular face

Eyebrows heavy with intellect,

Eyes warm with curiosity and concern. Mouth curled shut,

withholding your clever tongue beneath that smile.

Arms long and thin,

graceful in their own masculinity.

Clothing dark and deep with the absolution of your presence.

I love this beautiful being.

Comforting my own existence, reminding me the things I value of myself and the world.

Sharing my hopes fears and dreams, searching for the same answers.

Knowing that another human being is searching for answers to better themselves and society.

Our minds and souls and bodies finding comfort in the same aesthetics. 

The union of man and machine, nature and industry, earth and the small frail humans that seek to inhabit it. 

As my thoughts are thrown out into the distance,

my mind seeking for the larger answers, falling away into space,

your warm face draws me in,

in hopes we shall seek this together.

In hopes that when humanity is lost, we are not alone.

© 2008 Ediblewhisper

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This is very well written. I like the elements that keep you guessing in the beginning as to what you're talking about. Lines 9-13 were my favorite, and then the last few lines really nail it shut. Its beautiful.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love this poem. It always tries to make me cry, but you know why that is. It's very well-written and the vocabulary is amazing. I love the conclusion, "in hopes... we are not alone."

Amazing... I am without other words.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 25, 2008



Decatur, GA

I'm an artist. I lost alot of things in that devastating loss of information a couple of years back. more..

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