A Poem by Fey Frost

 I had dreamt of a world so wide and far

 A world of peace, a world rid of war

 But it was a fantasy I could not attain

 In a world swallowed by pain


 For we live in a world of destruction

 Where peace is considered an obstruction

 And every step we take towards our own gain

 Leads a batch of people into inconsolable pain

 Greedy humans eating each other*s share

 Taking what isn’t ours, abandoning all care


 Then looking around, wondering what has gone amiss

 And running away from death*s final kiss

 We hold onto what isn’t ours, in hopes we change

 But this monster made of our greed isn’t strange

 We welcomed it with open arms and wistful eyes

 We run from what we made, but no plan we devise

 No path we take and no elaborate disguise

 Can free us from these ties to an ever growing beast

 Holding on using our mistakes to remain pleased


 All my life I sought freedom from past mistakes

 But we are born with an evil we cannot shake

 From previous ties dealt with uncontainable greed

 We would cross all boundaries we need to succeed

 And break all laws to free our haunted selves

 From a monster we created to ascend to our wealths

© 2015 Fey Frost

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Added on May 2, 2015
Last Updated on September 13, 2015
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