Part Six

Part Six

A Chapter by Flame DM


          I stopped halfway home hearing a loud howl. My ears twitched feeling a chill down my spine. But it was nothing more than a howl. Some lost wolf from its pack or something. It made sense, since I was deep in the woods. I was probably more freaked out because Damian was nowhere in sight. I didn’t hear any innocent terrifying screams. My clan was obviously not up and about then.

          It was all too good to be true.

          That was when I heard a snap from a tree branch. My body tensed and I jerked my head back to see what it was.  Of course when I saw what was there the tenseness and jittery part of me died. Instead I was filled with irritation.

          “I can see you, Louie. Your one horrible tracker, I can tell you that,” I said. “Why the hell did you follow me?”

          He poked his head out, sighing. I twitched trying to tear my thoughts on his messy locks and focus more on my frustration with him. A black bag was slung around his shoulder. Louie pulled out a bottle flipping off the cap and threw it at me. Water spayed all over my face.

          “What the hell!?”

          “I wanted to see if you were telling the truth,” he scoffed angrily crossing his arms. “I guess holy water doesn’t work on you, does it?”

          I spit water into his face. “You’re a real a*****e, you know that?”

          He grinned, shrugging. “At least it lets me know you weren’t putting on some act when you said you never sucked human blood.  I mean, come on! Who really believes there’s a righteous vampire?”

          “What’s in the bag?” I crossed my arms.

          “You’ll have to find out,” he said smugly.

          “You still think you’re a great hunter, don’t you?” I snapped. “This isn’t some novel, Louie! And if it was, you sure wouldn’t be the main character! You’d probably be the stupid kid that was the first one to die! This is real life! You’re facing real monsters! And if they sensed you, they wouldn’t ask you to come out, no! They would attack you!”

          He didn’t even shake in fear nor have a slight case of the goose bumps. The kid looked almost bored! His emerald eyes were just staring me down. “And I’ll attack back; I’m not some stupid kid.”

          “Well, your doing a good job proving that you are,” I hissed. “You have to hide. I’m looking for two people and if they catch whiff of you, you’re screwed.”

          He opened his mouth but I cut him off. “Now Louie! Or I’ll force you to hide.”

          Louie never took his gaze off me and it had become a stare down for at least thirty seconds. They seemed to be the longest thirty seconds of my undead life.

          “Fine,” he snapped. “But I’m not skipping out on this adventure, you got it?”


          He gave me a nasty look before heading off behind the trees. It was like dealing with some insolent brat! Damn him! Who did he think he was anyways? James Bond? He sure was nothing like his father if he thought he was a hunter! I leaned against one of the trunks of the trees gazing up at the stars.

          Another howl escaped the air and I sighed. Just a dog, it had to be just a dog. I couldn’t worry about it now. I had a plate full of troubles and here I was trying to add another one. I could see Ellie calling me an angel and hugging me. Damian calling me a b***h and rubbing his thumbs in his eyes. Louie and his big green eyes. My mind ached as possible outcomes played on and on like a broken record.

          To bad none of these outcomes were happy endings. Those who believed in happy endings were delusional fools that lived under a rock their whole lives.

          “God, what am I going to do?” I sighed, hoping for an answer from up above. I could even accept a small sign, anything would do!

          But there was nothing. There was supposed to be nothing, I was getting more insane on even considering the idea that God would answer me. Why would he? I was Satan’s little monkey. Wind me up and watch me go.

          “You’re going to get you a*s back home, that’s what you’re going to do!”

          My ears twitched; the voice sounded so eerily like my sister’s that I wanted to jump. But she would never trust her throne alone, that wasn’t like her. She was too far gone into a world of power to step out and take the time to search for me. She would send her little goons and bring me forth. That was what she would do.

          I smiled holding onto the thought of my sister being that lazy that she would send people to do the dirty work. It was all in my mind, it had to be. Seeing Louie here and reeling on thoughts on Damian, it made perfect sense. My insane mind was just preparing me for my confrontation with my deadly twin.

          “When did you think you had the right to over rule my orders?!” she barked. The imaginary voice was much deadlier than what she would probably act like. Maybe it was because I was scared out of my boots to confront her.

          “GODDAMN ANSWER ME!” it yelled.

          My cheek singed with pain and a loud slapping sound echoed through the trees. I winced as crows fled from their hiding spots.     I slowly turned my head seeing two golden eyes turning a crimson color glaring directly into my own.

          Luna was pissed off enough to find me herself.

          That was just the luck I needed!

          “You think just because your blows don’t heal your tough enough to ignore me,” she snarled. Her nostrils were flaring and she almost looked like a werewolf on the verge of shape shifting instead of the vampire that she was.

          “What are you talking about, Luna? Did you drink from a heroine addict again?” I asked. “You know, because they inject that stuff in their blood, we get high off them.”

          “We?” she scoffed. “We!? You don’t even drink real blood!” she spat punching my gut. I crashed on my knees feeling sudden déjà vu. It was like facing Damian all over again.

          Luna began hissing in pain jumping back from me. “What the hell did you do? Gouge yourself in holy water? You can survive that too?” her voice was more shocked and…frightened? Was my sister scared? Her fist was sizzling but in thirty seconds the burned marks and the blisters had died down to nothing. She looked like she was never burning at all. “Why doesn’t it hurt you?”

          I just stared at her, trying to catch my breath. I could feel one of my ribs puncturing my lungs. I didn’t need lungs, but that wasn’t the point. She broke my ribs with a single punch! And if Luna was pissed that she got a burned hand for touching me then I think we had a fair draw at that point.

          “Why doesn’t it hurt you?” She asked again, her voice almost hectic. “You resist our instincts and you cause pain that can’t be healed. Damian’s tiger slash is still p***y and bleeding! It won’t even scar! Did you make a deal with Lucifer or something to be more powerful than what we are? We were already powerful enough! Goddamn you Stella!”

          I just glared at her. My ribs were already healing and I could only thank Mimi’s blood flowing through me for that. I felt a pain of regret seep inside but I had to shove it far away right now. “You know the devil’s got nothing to do with it! Did you come here just to find out something I don’t know, Luna?”

          She took a step forward almost about to pounce on me but she hesitated. She began to sneer at me laughing. A chill ran down my spine.

          “What’s so funny…”

          “We’re going to end that special trait of yours, yes we are, Stella,” She continued to laugh. “We’re all human to an extent, aren’t we? So I’m just going to starve that trait, that horrible dangerous trait, right out of you.”

          “How are you going to do that if you can’t ev-”

          A stake came whizzing out of the trees and hit Luna right in the chest.

          The exact opposite side of her heart.

          Luna recoiled hissing a sound of surprise. She ripped the stake out and her wound healed almost instantly. I wondered, for just a split second, why the one I didn’t mean to give her took longer. Her golden eyes, or maybe they were crimson now, scanned the area.

          Louie. Poor, stupid Louie!

          Her face tightened as a smile that didn’t even belong on my sister slowly spread across her face. She disappeared into mist

          “S**t! Luna don’t!” I yelled scattering to get a hold of my legs. There was no way I would make it in time. Louie just had to play hero! Why couldn’t he have stayed low!

          His black bag was tossed towards me. My undead heart was racing now, she could poof at any time and I didn’t know where she was! My eyes darted back and forth frantically but there was no sign. A deep rotting fear crept on me.

          What if she fed on him?

          “You seem attached to this human?” her voice rang. Was it north? South? East? West? “I can tell by the simple fact that you’re scampering around like some pathetic helpless rat.”

          “Luna!” My voice cracked and my breathing became hard. I wasn’t sure if I was hyperventilating or not. “You’re pissed at me! Not some kid who didn’t know any better! At me! ME, LUNA!”

          Grayish silver mist appeared in front of me and Luna’s laughter clanked through my ears like cymbals crashing on my head. Before I could even register Luna’s appearance baring down at me I was violently smashed into the gut by some sort of battering ham, I wasn’t sure what it was at all, having the wind leave me once again. I flung backwards, my body smashing into the nearest tree trunk and wood splinters flew like rockets flying just about everywhere.

          How many times was I going to not be able to breathe in the next twenty four hours?

          A dull sore ache seeped through my body and I heard another howl from another dog. My aching sanity focused on this howl rather than the metal clicks of Luna’s boots as she approached me clutching Louie, who struggled.

          Another howl, not others to accompany it like a normal wolf pack would. It was just one coming along after a long period of time.

          If I had focused on my sister instead of just a simple howl maybe things would have ended up differently. I could have been able to struggle to my feet as my body healed and somehow get Louie out of her clutches. I might even have been able to beat my sister for once in my life and ended this whole hell. There was even the chance, if I did win, that I could move the clan out of here so the Briggs family could be left alone.

          Unfortunately my poor delusional mind grasped on howls, dogs, and Ellie’s dress covered in blood that wasn’t her own.

          “You’re going to be part of this family, little sis,” she cooed trying to stifle her laugh. I gazed up finally realizing she was there. It all seemed like a dream. Maybe all of it was just a nightmare and I would wake up back in 1536 on Christmas morning realizing that I just had the longest nightmare a person could have. But seeing big emerald eyes looking towards me for help I realized it was all too real. “Even if we have to kill you trying.”

          “Luna let him go, he’s not part of this,” I begged.

          I saw two things and that was it. There was a big metal boot coming towards my face, and then I saw stars.




To be continued…

© 2008 Flame DM

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Another great chapter in this story. Love it.
Your main character is coming along so well! This is going to be the next Twilight, I can feel it. Except this is way, way WAY better than anything Meyer could ever write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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wow i must read more i must

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

The story's really picking up momentum now. Looking forward to the next chapter :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

OMG...Stella, Luna and Louis...lions and tigers and bears...oh my!!!
Drat it! I've gotta leave for work! Can't wait to get home to see what happens. This is such good writing, I feel, if I were to walk into a 'book shoppe' would be there on the 'feature shelf'!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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A Chapter by Flame DM

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