Day One 12/15/09

Day One 12/15/09

A Chapter by Flame DM

College life is....odd?


Or atleast, for me it is. Or it has been. If anyone knows me, and some people do. They know I'm an Irish Catholic. And what's one thing that all Irish Catholics have? Huge families. That's right! I say this because my first time meeting my writing teacher I was nervous. I had tested out of freshmen writing and was in a class with sophomores and juniors so when the teacher asked one thing about me I blurted out. "I have seven sisters."


Most teachers at this point have gaped at me and some have dropped drinks or rulers in complete shock. My teacher however looked at me, sipped his diet pepsi and nodded. "Irish Catholic?" I babbled out a yes and studdered how did you know? "All Irish catholics have big families." He said simply and went on with everyone else.


So if it came from a professor it MUST be true! It HAS to be true. Well, I'm jesting now. I lived with my whole family my entire life. Eighteen years I was under the same roof with the same people. So when I went off to college all on my own for the first time, well it was a different experience. I'll admit that the first month I slept alot, I ate one meal every two days and I kept my head down and just went along to classes. I was homesick, my mother told me to tough it out (Glad she did or else I would still be in that funk to be honest) and I didn't think I could. I never realised how close I was to my family until I was pulled away from them. I jest alot saying how they drive me crazy, and I'm the black sheep out of them but they are everything I am. Everything I have ever done, or ever will do is because of how I was raised in that house. Corny as hell to admit this, but its 100% true. I need my family. I still do.


I came home for my sister's birthday and after that weekend I was forced to come back. I was miserable but there were two guys that saw how miserable I was and pushed me out of my shell. (I may one day tell you the story of the guy with the foot fetish that STALKED me my first month of college, right now I choose not too) It's easier to be friends with guys, or atleast for me it is, since I'm not into make up or anything like that, clothes and fashion and backstabbing. All the catty things girls do, I just don't do. They coaxed me out of my shell by forcing me to talk, both of them would sometimes grab me by the arms and force me along when I tried to make excuses to go back to my dorm to do 'homework' when really i was going to watch Wife Swap. I have alot to thank for them bringing me back. They're like brothers I never had and we still goof along. I needed a family here.


My school's a dry campus, but people still find a way to get drunk as hell. When there's fire alarms at four in the morning because two idiots decide to play with the fire exstinguisher, i'm not a happy girl. It's happenned quite often here. But I'm still sober, I've only drank a total of...four times? Possibly five. In my whole entire life and well alcohol is just stupid in my opinion. College is everything that they say it is. Partying,'s all here but I have never been to a pary nor have I drank on this campus, i'm hanging out with the right people. Specially my two guy friends. It's thanks to them really that I'm trying to pull myself out of my slump. I was in a mild depression in september and even though I'm out of it, without writing I know i'm still not all the way back to me yet. Things don't get done unless you do them, my dad's said that alot to me. And I know that's true.


So thanks for putting up with me. If you guys comment, tell me of an experience where you found friends that pulled you out of something. How did you meet YOUR best friend? Has anyone ever done something for you that they probably will never realise? Share with me. We can blog together!

© 2009 Flame DM

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Added on December 16, 2009


Flame DM
Flame DM


Hey! Not sure what to really put in my about me, but I'm just gonna wing it, so everyone just bare with me. I don't really give out my real name, sorry, buuut that's just the way it is. You can know m.. more..